– Tadka Idli Recipe: How to Make Tadka Idli Recipe – Bell Pepper Hummus Recipe: How to Make Bell Pepper Hummus Recipe – Samosas Recipe | Bon Appétit – Creamy Pasta with Butternut Squash and Mascarpone Cheese – Chicken Stroganoff

Beef stroganoff was one of the first recipes I’ve learned to cook when I was young.  I guess that something had to do with the name, which has a fascinating ring, the sound of the word ‘stroganoff’ was so intriguing and appealing to me and at the time I thought it sounded very “Chef” like. – Chocolate Banana Cake

My husband always says that I have a tendency to buy too much fruit, it’s true and I don’t know why I pick them compulsively and then end up with ripe fruit screaming for help. This week, I had over ripe bananas sitting on my counter so that gave me an excuse to bake, and – Pear & Apple frangipane galette

Apples and pears, fall’s finest fruits are now in season. One sign of fall is the arrival of a bounty of apples in local produce stands, along with pears and other fruits. Local farmers’ markets are brimming with apples and pears this time of year, and I think this is a very good reason to – Sumac flavored roasted potatoes

Sumac, the Middle Eastern pantry staple is a key ingredient in many Lebanese recipes. It is also a necessity for the spice blend, za’atar, usually made with sumac, toasted sesame seeds and thyme, which is sold premixed like chili powder. Sumac has this astringent taste of tangy lemon, it’s made from dried ground berries of – Manakish – Lebanese zaatar bread

Man’oushe is a symbolic Lebanese street food. Its full name is man’oushe b zaatar and it consists of disc of dough pressed flat and topped with a mixture of zaatar blend (thyme, sumac and sesame seeds) mixed with olive oil then baked in a brick oven or rolled out thin and cooked on a top – Profiteroles

Profiteroles, those elegant small bite-sized golden buns of choux pastry that nestle sweet savory scoops of crème pâtissière or vanilla ice cream, topped with a warm chocolate glaze, are definitely my all time favorite dessert. As you may know, profiteroles are made from “pâte à choux” a dough created from few simple pantry staples. Choux – Zucchini and laughing cow cheese soup

We woke up to frost Saturday, which can only means one thing: Winter is here!It was pouring rain, bleak gray clouds were rolling across the sky, and the sun reduced to a feeble orb through the thick, dark atmosphere. As I peered into the gloom, I was dreaming of soup, a thick, rich warm-me up – Squash and sweet potato gratin

The air is heavy with the smell of wintry weather making its way little by little… where has the summer gone? I don’t know if I am ready to welcome the cold weather, the shorter days, the gloomy clouds, and the crispy mornings!! Ahhh! I feel I’m getting a little bit nostalgic around this time. – Camembert tartles with pancetta and pine nuts

My obsession with French cheese started about 4 years ago, when I first moved to France, before that, I was never a fan of cheese, especially French cheese. Yes about 4 years ago, I would have never eaten a piece of camembert, brie, and especially Roquefort. I found that even the smell of those cheeses – Potato frittata

I love brunch. I love coffee. I love eggs… and I’ll eat them almost any way they can be prepared, scrambled, fried, poached, boiled, baked… I don’t care. The ever versatile egg is the basis for quiches, omelets, casseroles and of course frittata. Frittata can be breakfast, brunch, an appetizer, a starter or the main course

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