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           I really enjoy listening to Podcast these days.  I like listening when I’m in the car, taking a long walk, cooking or house cleaning.  You won’t be surprised that my favorite podcasts are about food.  Right now my #1 favorite is Homemade from  I’ve listened to every one!  I – Apple Fries Recipe: How to Make Apple Fries Recipe

These apple fries are a simple snack to make at home. They are coated, fried and tossed in cinnamon and sugar. They are perfect a perfect snack for a birthday party or a picnic. These apple fries will become your best buddies if you get sweet cravings now and then. We have fried these apple – Nutella Barfi Recipe: How to Make Nutella Barfi Recipe

This recipe is a fusion of an Indian sweet and a western taste. If you are a fan of Nutella, then you will love this barfi version of it. These are easy to make and if you’re a fan of eating chocolates as well as mithai, then this recipe is made for you. With its – Egg Idli Recipe: How to Make Egg Idli Recipe

Egg idli is a recipe in which we cook eggs in an idli stand and later toss it with some masala. This recipe is a healthy option for your breakfast and even dinner. Idli is popular all over India and is consumed with different types of chutneys. Give a twist to the classic South Indian – Sprouts Salad Recipe: How to Make Sprouts Salad Recipe

If you are someone who is always on the lookout for healthy yet tasty recipes, then this Sprouts Salad is perfect for you. Made with sprouted moong dal, kala chana, cucumber, tomato, onion and bell pepper, this delicious recipe is a wholesome meal in itself. You can either have it as a salad with your – Watermelon Pizza Recipe: How to Make Watermelon Pizza Recipe

Summer is here and so is the time to indulge in some refreshing summer fruits. In order to beat the summer heat, this watermelon pizza is all you need. Made with watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, banana, honey, lemon juice and yoghurt, this delicious recipe is quite a unique one. You can easily make it in less – Crispy Parmesan Chicken with Spring Greens and a Lemon Vinaigrette

The other day, a couple, friends of ours were at our door with a nice surprise.  They brought me fresh spring lettuce from the farm they work for.  I’m talking fresh, just cut that morning.  There is nothing better then garden fresh!  I’ve been making this dish for years and it comes from Ina Garten. – Chicken Cheese Salad Recipe: How to Make Chicken Cheese Salad Recipe

Chicken Cheese Salad is the ultimate recipe for all the fitness freaks. It has loads of protein in the form of chicken and cheese. Also, it has healthy carbs because it’s full of veggies. You don’t need to eat those boring salads when you have something so interesting, colorful, and delicious to eat. Ignore the – Lachha Paratha Recipe: How to Make Lachha Paratha Recipe

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Step 3 Put paneer cubes in the second portion It’s time for some protein, so add the paneer cubes to the second portion (vertically). You can also add tofu instead of paneer cubes. Make sure the paneer cubes are chopped into small cubes. In the third portion, add tomatoes and onions. Source link

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