Category: Uncategorized – Potato Tornado with Garlic Mayo Recipe: How to Make Potato Tornado with Garlic Mayo Recipe

Love potatoes in all shapes and sizes? Then you need to try this trending potato dish which is as delicious as it looks. The shape of the dish looks like a tornado and thus the name. A garnish of Garlic Mayo will instantly amp up the dish, making it creamier. You can serve it during – Paneer Veggie Stir Fry Recipe: How to Make Paneer Veggie Stir Fry Recipe

Love paneer in any form? Then you need to try this simple yet delicious dish. This healthy bowl of nutrition gives you a good dose of protein in the form of paneer and a plethora of other nutrients through vegetables. A melange of spices used in the recipe makes the dish lip-smacking. You can also – Torai Bharta Recipe: How to Make Torai Bharta Recipe

Don’t like eating the basic Torai ki sabzi? Then you need to try this Bharta recipe. This is not only tastier but can also be prepared in an easy way. You can easily give the bharta along with dal or curd to your kids and they will happily eat it. Be it lunch or dinner, – Thai Rolls with Tofu Recipe: How to Make Thai Rolls with Tofu Recipe

Love gorging on kathi rolls and wraps? Then you need to try this Thai roll recipe for sure. Made with tofu stuffing, these rolls are high in protein and offers you a healthy option to satiate your cravings. You can also serve these rolls during a kitty party or pack them up and take them – Methi Murgh Malai Recipe: How to Make Methi Murgh Malai Recipe

Methi Murgh Malai recipe is an amazing twist of methi leaves cooked with chicken pieces and fresh cream. The recipe is high on flavours due to the goodness of chicken and the creaminess of fresh cream. You can prepare this royal dish for lunch or dinner and pair it up with naan or rice. It – Jumbo Prawns Manchurian Recipe: How to Make Jumbo Prawns Manchurian Recipe

Big and juicy Jumbo Prawns marinated in soy sauce and cooked in a melange of spices. Just the thought of it is enough to make your mouth water. Firstly the prawns are marinated, then the sauce is prepared and then both are stir-fried together. This lip-smacking dish would be loved by people of all ages, – King Oyster Mushrooms Recipe: How to Make King Oyster Mushrooms Recipe

Fond of stir-fries and mushrooms? Then combine the two together and try this super easy yet delish recipe. Made by stir-frying King Oyster Mushrooms in soya sauce, orange juice and a melange of spices, this tempting dish is indeed worth trying. Coming all the way to you from Chef Vicky Ratnani, this dish will be – Homemade Tofu Recipe: How to Make Homemade Tofu Recipe

Step 1 Soak soya beans and milk them in a juicer To prepare this vegan tofu at home, wash and soak soya beans in enough water for 5-6 hours. Afterwards, dehull the beans and milk them in a slow juicer. Next, take a cup of water and mix rice vinegar in it, and keep aside – Honeycomb Toffee Recipe: How to Make Honeycomb Toffee Recipe

Love having candies of different types and flavours? Then you need to try this delicious honeycomb toffee, made with some basic ingredients. This toffee has a texture of honeycomb and can be made at home in less than 30 minutes. If you have a sweet tooth and can’t do away with sugar cravings, then you – Keema Kofta Recipe: How to Make Keema Kofta Recipe

Looking for a simple yet amazing meat dish for a get-together at home? Try this Keema Kofta recipe, which is full of flavour and is best enjoyed with Khamiri Roti and Naan. Unlike most of the kofta recipes, this one is made without deep-frying the kofta balls! In this main dish recipe, the minced meatballs

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