Category: Turkey Recipes

Freshly made Borek ready to be served – Borek – Spiced lamb filo pastry

If you think this Borek looks stunning, just wait until you taste it!! Flaky filo pastry is wrapped around a spiced lamb filling dotted with pine nuts and currants, then into a charming spiral. Borek is found in different guises and goes by various names depending where you are – burek, bourekas, byrek etc. But

Overhead photo of Leftover Turkey Pot Pie, fresh out of the oven – Garlic Bread Leftover Turkey Pot Pie

Day-old turkey is quite dry. So smothering in a creamy béchamel sauce for Leftover Turkey Pot Pie is an excellent way to transform it! Adapted from my classic Chicken Pot Pie, this also makes use of leftover bread for a cheesy garlic bread topping. Dull leftovers? Never around here! Leftover Turkey Pot Pie Got leftover turkey?* Got

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