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Bologna is where I learned to make gelato. I studied under Gianni Figliomeni at Gelatauro – the finest gelateria in the city. Bologna has three names: La Rossa (the red, in architecture and politics), La Dotta (the learned) and La Grassa (the fat). The latter refers more to the abundance of food in a city – Tasmanian Food and Analiese Gregory’s Tasmanian Recipes

Want to learn about Tasmanian food? Looking for Tasmanian recipes? Read Analiese Gregory’s guide. Recipes extracted from How Wild Things Are: Cooking, Fishing and Hunting at the Bottom of the World by Analiese Gregory (£22, Hardie Grant). These recipes were supplied by the publisher and not retested by us. Tasmanian cuisine A tiny but wild – Kazakh Recipes and Uzbekistan Cuisine

Want to learn about Uzbekistan’s food? Looking for Kazakh recipes? Read Caroline Eden’s guide. Caroline Eden is a travel and food writer focussing on the former Soviet nations and South Asia. Her latest book, Red Sands (£26, Quadrille) is out now. Central Asian cuisine Given the wide multicultural mix and geographical spread, there is no – Danish Food and Trine Hahnemann Danish Recipes

Want to learn about Danish food? Looking for Danish recipes? Read Trine Hahnemann’s guide. Recipes extracted from Scandinavian Green by Trine Hahnemann, (£26, Quadrille). These recipes were supplied by the publisher and not retested by us. Danish cuisine Denmark is a small country, made up of the peninsular Jutland and some 1,400 islands. Seventy-two of – Best Scotland Ski Resorts, Chalets and Snow

Looking for the best Scotland ski resorts? Staycations saved our summer holidays this year and, with a skiing trip to the Alps or Rockies looking increasingly unlikely, the Scottish mountains are beckoning. True, the snow in Scotland hasn’t always been as reliable as the Alps, but Scotland’s ski resorts have been ploughing money into state-of-the-art – Spanish Food To Try in Spain

Aged steak – Basque Country This lush green region is where Spain’s most prized cows graze and roam until the ripe old age of 18. This long life, along with a dry-aging process of up to 100 days, results in dark meat with stunning marbling and deep flavour, served most famously in the form of – Christmas Recipes From Around The world

Branch out this Christmas and bring some new traditions to your dinner table with our festive recipes from across the globe.  Try our delicious recipes below, then why not try our best Christmas market recipes? Bring the flavours of your favourite stalls to your kitchen, from sweet lebkuchen to a warming mug of Glühwein. Christmas recipes – Ikaria Greece Food – olivemagazine

Want to learn about Ikarian food? Looking for Greek recipes? Read Meni Valle’s guide. Meni Valle, a food studies teacher and cookbook author, was born in Australia to Greek parents. She shares her knowledge and passion for Greek food through cooking classes and culinary tours to Greece, where she loves connecting with locals and discovering – Shanghai Food and Chinese Recipe

Want to learn about Chinese food in Shanghai? Looking for Chinese recipes? Read Kei Lum Chan’s guide. China: The Cookbook by Kei Lum Chan and Diora Fong Chan is published by Phaidon, £29.95 ( Shanghai cuisine Shanghai may be the largest city in China but, 2000 years ago, it was a small fishing village; the – European Vineyards With Accommodation Holidays

Looking for the best vineyard hotels? Want to go on a wine holiday? Read our ideas for vineyards with rooms, family-run estates and boutique wineries below, then check out our favourite UK vineyards with accommodation. La Forestiera Planeta Wine Estate, Sicily, Italy Unsurprisingly it’s all about wine at the Planeta Wine Estate, just outside Menfi

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