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Bowl of Warm French Goat – Warm French Goat’s Cheese Salad (Salade de Chêvre Chaud)

Warm Goat’s Cheese Salad is a classic starter found in bistros all across France. Called Salade de Chêvre Chaud, it’s a fresh leaf salad with nuts and bacon, and crowned with pan-fried goat’s cheese medallions that are golden outside and oozing inside. Simple to make, this most French of French salads makes for a chic – Honey-Cinnamon Pumpkin Lentil Salad | RecipeTin Eats

How do you make a lentil salad irresistible? Load it up with warm cinnamon-laced pumpkin, a handful of greens, a sprinkling of candied walnuts, and finish with a honey-spiced red wine vinegar dressing. It’s a big pile of vegetable goodness made seriously tasty. After a (very!) extended water break, the inaugural Holiday Salad Marathon has – Nicoise Salad (French Salad with Tuna)

By:Nagi Published:8 Feb ’21Updated:8 Feb ’21 If anyone can make an amazing salad out of canned tuna, it’s the French. Nicoise Salad is probably the best known version, made with potato, beans, tomato, lettuce and olives, and finished with a lemon dressing. Hefty and interesting enough for lunch, but not so heavy it loses its

Close up of a big bowl of Chicken Pasta Salad with Creamy Dressing – Chicken Pasta Salad | RecipeTin Eats

This is a big batch Chicken Pasta Salad with plenty of creamy dressing, lightened up using a combination of sour cream and mayonnaise so it’s not excessively oil. Make it today, enjoy it for days! After a no-mayo version? Use a creamy Yogurt Dressing instead. About this Chicken Pasta Salad This is an old-school Chicken – Vietnamese Chicken Salad | RecipeTin Eats

Chicken salads can be so dull…… but not when it’s Vietnamese! This slaw-like Vietnamese Chicken Salad is everything you know about Vietnamese food – it’s fresh and bright, yet full of flavour. Just one piece of advice: don’t skimp on the herbs or peanuts. They totally make it! Welcome to Day 10 of the inaugural Holiday

Close up of Pomegranate Salad with Baby spinach kale and honey candied walnuts – Pomegranate Salad & Holiday Salad Marathon!

Pomegranate Salad – the latest addition to my Show Off Salads collection! Fresh pomegranate AND a pomegranate dressing, plus baby spinach, marinated raw kale, honey walnuts and blue cheese come together in a giant festive salad for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and everything in between. And announcing the RecipeTin Eats’ 30 Day Holiday Salad Marathon! Holiday Salad

Bowl of Brown Rice Salad with halloumi, ready to be eaten – A Fabulous Brown Rice Salad

This Brown Rice Salad looks way too healthy to taste as good as it does! The fresh dill and coriander/cilantro with the bright lemon dressing totally makes it. The perfectly cooked, nutty brown rice helps. Everything else is customisable. You didn’t really think I’d share a rather dull (but life essential) post for how to cook

Asian Slaw in a salad bowl with Asian Dressing, ready to be served – Asian Slaw – healthy, crunchy Asian Cabbage Salad

By:Nagi Published:19 Jul ’20Updated:20 Jul ’20 This is a terrific fresh, crunchy Asian salad that I call an Asian Slaw because it has shredded cabbage and carrot like traditional Coleslaw. The fresh herbs and Asian Dressing infused with Thai flavours makes this oriental salad extra special. Delicious AND healthy! It’s a terrific all-rounder side salad for any

Close up of Roasted Eggplant Lentil Salad – Lentil and Roasted Eggplant Salad

This is an eggplant salad that proves two things: 1) that lentils have an undeservedly bad reputation for being bland and boring (you’re just cooking them wrong!); and 2) that eggplant really is one of the best vegetables in the world to roast in the oven. Combine them together and you have a winner of

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