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Restaurant-quality ingredients With a world of ingredients now one click away, cooks are digging deep to fuel their creativity. At online store Sous Chef, searches for black garlic, sichuan pepper and seaweed are up as much as 600%. Owner Nicola Lando predicts a boom in ambitious post-lockdown dinner parties and, with holidays restricted, plenty of – The Way Wine Is Served at Restaurants Is Changing

Restaurant Diaries is a weekly series featuring four different people working in the industry. Each week you’ll hear from one of them: bartender turned brand ambassador Jenny Feldt, line cook Peter Steckler, farmer Kristyn Leach, and wine educator Kyla Peal. Here, Peal shares about new territory her wine education company, Slik Wines, is expanding into: – Eco-Friendly Take-Out Containers Could Make Takeout Less Terrible for the Environment

Sustainability was always the focus of Oyster Oyster, chef Rob Rubba’s veg-forward tasting menu restaurant in Washington, D.C. “Climate change is pretty darn real,” he says. “So I was thinking about what a plate of food will need to be 10 years from now.” At Oyster Oyster that means no citrus or olive oil (due – Fat Choy Is Making Very Good, Very Vegan Chinese Food

“We’re not trying to push our agenda,” says Justin Lee, chef and owner of Lower East Side newcomer Fat Choy. “We’re just trying to make delicious food that you crave, and you shouldn’t have to worry about it being vegan or not.” While Lee himself identifies as a carnivore (in fact, he used to work – My Farm’s CSA Has Become a Refuge for Asian Americans

The listserv for our CSA has generally become a place where people ask for advice, but over the past year, as people have experienced different microaggressions due to COVID, the conversation has gravitated toward how to have hard conversations with kids. Community naturally happens as people get to know each other more, but we felt – The Iftar Box at Atlanta Halal Meat & Food Is Full of Family Favorites

In Dish Decoded we break down all the components, stories, and techniques behind a restaurant’s…well…dish that we’re obsessed with right now. The way Muslims break their fasts during Ramadan varies across families, communities, and cultures, but one thing that’s common is for restaurants around the world to offer set carryout meals called iftar boxes: neatly – Sustainability Means Staying Rooted in My Community

Being an Indigenous chef, I think of myself as a land steward. It’s not just knowing my edible landscape but staying connected to the ecology of the food, knowing when to harvest and how much to harvest. The women in my life taught me this. My mom and auntie foraged for wild potatoes, lamb’s-quarters, and – The Vaccine Is Having a Profound Impact on Hospitality Workers’ Mental Health…Including Mine

Restaurant Diaries is a weekly series featuring four different people working in the industry. Each week, you’ll hear from one of them: farmer Kristyn Leach, wine educator Kyla Peal, line cook Peter Steckler, and bartender turned brand ambassador Jenny Feldt. Here Feldt talks about how access to the vaccine has positively impacted workers in the – Ghost Kitchens Might Be the Future of Restaurants

She prides herself on being the first female and Black-owned oyster bar in Maryland, and for making Urban Oyster a safe space for the Black and LGBTQ communities. She used to host drag brunches and karaoke nights. She’s keeping the ghost kitchen running because she doesn’t want to lose what she built, and hopes to – A Lot of Things Are Changing Now That We’ve Got the Vaccine

Restaurant Diaries is a weekly series featuring four different people working in the industry. Each week you’ll hear from one of them: wine educator Kyla Peal, bartender turned brand ambassador Jenny Feldt, farmer Kristyn Leach, and line cook Peter Steckler. Here Steckler shares about how the vaccine is impacting his job; business at American Elm,

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