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Walnut cake with poached pears on top on a rustic wooden cake stand. – Pear & Walnut Cake with Honey Buttercream

This Pear & Walnut Cake with Honey Buttercream is incredibly moist and packed with flavour. The perfect way to kick off the Fall season! It’s September! Are you as excited as I am?? The weather has finally, finally cooled off a bit, and I am itching to get back into jeans and sweaters. Update: I – Radicchio and Arugula Salad with Honey-Roasted Pears and Toasted Pecans

This fall-inspired scrumptious salad makes an healthy, easy and perfectly satisfying lunch  After surviving this Halloween sugar craziness without too much damage (I hope!), I say it’s time for an healthy recharge. So let’s not talk about the peanut butter and chocolate spiders, or the cookie bars loaded with chocolate candies, but let’s dive, headfirst, into

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