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RecipeTin Eats Cookbook Announcement – The RecipeTin cookbook – tell me what you want!

By:Nagi Published:3 Sep ’21Updated:3 Sep ’21 SURPRISE! I’ve signed a contract for a RecipeTin cookbook! But this won’t be just another cookbook……This is going to be a cookbook filled with recipes YOU ask for. Let’s make this cookbook OURS! PS That’s just a mock cover!! Finally – a cookbook! This is real – a RecipeTin – Chef wanted – RecipeTin Eats

Come and join the RecipeTin Team! I am looking for a qualified, experienced Chef to provide top-to-bottom support in my test kitchen studio in Newport, Sydney (Australia!). See below for details or apply here. Turns out, one girl and her dog can’t do it all…. I need help!! The launch of RecipeTin Meals (my new

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