Category: holiday issue 2020 – Artist Derrick Adams and Poet Nikki Giovanni on Civil Rights and Relaxation

Artist Derrick Adams was commissioned to create a painting to accompany the following poem by Nikki Giovanni, a civil rights icon and a leader in the Black Arts Movement. For Adams, depicting civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in a state of repose was a radical yet logical choice. “When you’re dealing with – How Artist Julia Mehretu’s Art Inspires Marcus Samuelsso

I wanted to end this year’s Holiday Issue with gratitude for those who make it possible, and with art for our soul and mind. So I chose this amazing piece by Julie Mehretu, an incredible artist and a friend of mine. It was inspired by the California wildfires, and it reminds me of fireworks, boiling – When It Comes to Latkes, Can Thick and Fluffy Beat Thin and Crispy?

As a secular Jew growing up in the Miami suburbs, Hanukkah was it—the number one holiday of the year, the best part about being Jewish, the pinnacle of the religion. My mom was always the latke cooker, and she took her role very seriously. While I thought everyone liked the latkes my mom made, now – Making Hallacas Is Like Gifting Yourself Little Meat-Filled Presents

When you’re in the restaurant industry, there’s an unspoken rule that you’re expected to work the holiday rush, which is why on Christmas Eve you’ll usually find Atlanta-based pastry chef Claudia Martinez working dinner service rather than celebrating at home with her family. This holiday season it’s all but guaranteed that restaurants will be a – Janelle Monáe Eats Like an Android

“I’m a huge Janelle Monae fan,” says chef Marcus Samuelsson. “There’s an honesty and fierceness in her work that I admire.” So Samuelsson (who also happens to be guest editor of our holiday issue) asked the singer and actress to meet—virtually, of course, with him in New York and her in L.A.—to share a meal – 4 Holiday Cocktails to Match Whatever Celebratory Mood You’re In

A holiday cocktail can go in just about any direction, depending on the occasion, the crowd, or, hell, even just how your day’s been going. Which is why for our Holiday Issue this year, we asked some of our favorite booze professionals to make us, well, whatever they wanted to make us for the holidays. – Coronavirus Nearly Killed the Restaurant Industry. Can It Be Restored?

The numbers are astounding. The food and beverage industry accounted for one in four jobs lost during the pandemic—more than any other sector of the economy. Without additional assistance, tens of thousands of bars and restaurants could shutter, taking up to 7 million jobs with them. That’s the barista who knows our order before we’re – 11 Self Care & Wellness Gifts for People With Impeccable Taste

Need more gift ideas? We’ve got everyone on your list covered right over here. All the CBD bath bombs in the world couldn’t erase the stress of 2020, but that doesn’t mean we’re not passing them out to everyone on our list this year, along with other covetable gifts like transportive cookbooks and extremely pourable

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