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Healthyish Loves It is our weekly column where we tell you about the stuff we can’t live without. See our past recommendations here! Executive editor Sonia Chopra, presumably on a caffeine high, plunged the BA “office” into heated debate with this controversial Slack: “After 11 months of being extremely picky about coffee and spending most – We Asked a Doctor All Our COVID-19 Vaccine Questions

Correct. One of the things I’ve heard people express concern about is that somehow the cells might incorporate this mRNA genetic material, and that it’ll remain there permanently. What’s really important to know is that the messenger RNA that is injected disintegrates. It does not become part of your genes; it’s transient. We have been – This New Chat Line Lets You Text Your Favorite Chefs For Cooking Advice

Dispatching from the Oregon coast…Pulled in 4 Dungeness crabs. @Lucas Sin, seeking your fave crab ideas 2x ways. The message from Portland culinary producer Liz Calderón popped up on my phone beneath photographic evidence: four hefty crabs on a weathered dock, plus a sunny seascape that set my very cold New-York-in-February soul ablaze with envy. – How Writing a Comfort Food Cookbook Helped Me Break Free From Diet Culture

At this point, it’s hard to mention cozy home cooking and not think of Julia Turshen. When she’s not in her Hudson Valley kitchen making food, the writer, podcast host, and bestselling cookbook author is talking about it. In this essay, adapted from her forthcoming cookbook, Turshen explains how writing Simply Julia forced her to – Excellent Lunch Recipes For Tired Cooks

Every other week, Bon Appétit associate editor Christina Chaey writes about what she’s cooking right now. Pro tip: If you sign up for the Healthyish newsletter, you’ll get the scoop before everyone else. When I started working on our “What’s For Lunch?” feature in the March issue of the magazine, I was in a dark – This Flavorful Popcorn Look-Alike Is Made From Puffer Water Lily Seeds

Healthyish Loves It is our weekly column where we tell you about the stuff we can’t live without. See our past recommendations here! Before I tried AshaPops, I had never heard of water lily seeds. My glamorous actress friend from Los Angeles introduced me to this puffed, crunchy version, and I was immediately blown away – As The Plant-Based Movement Grows, Puerto Rican Restaurants Are Veganizing Their Menus

Casa Borinqueña has been feeding Oakland locals hungry for island cuisine since 2018. The pop-up and catering business won devout fans with pernil, shrimp mofongo, chicharrón de cerdo, and tostones con pollo. But last summer, Chef Lulu (who asked to be attributed by her first name) shocked, and in some cases angered, the small community – This Self Care Founder Wants You to Stop Doomscrolling and Start Drawing Cards

In Person of Interest, we talk to the people catching our eye right now about what they’re doing, eating, reading, and loving. Next up is Taylor Elyse Morrison, founder of self-care start-up Inner Workout.   Taylor Elyse Morrison knows what it’s like when wellness starts feeling like another item on the to-do list. Her philosophy? – The Shelf Virtual Pop Up Shop Is All About SNACKS

What’s keeping my spirits up throughout various pandemic-related quarantines? Looking forward to the next snack. A warm cup of chai, a piece of sourdough slicked with tahini butter: That’s how I’m getting my work from home kicks. I realize this is a lot of pressure to put on snacks, which is why the launch of – Want to Buy Produce Direct from Farms? This Site Makes Online Food Shopping a Breeze

When the pandemic hit American shores early in 2020, grocery stores felt it first. Pantry staples such as flour and rice disappeared from shelves as quickly as they could be replenished, and shoppers who tried to order food online often found it near impossible to snag an open time slot on major platforms like Amazon

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