Category: healthyish – This Halloumi Burger Is My Platonic Ideal of a Vegetarian Sandwich

It’s not that I don’t love veggie burgers—I have a soft spot for Dr. Praeger’s, and am in a long-distance relationship with NYC’s Superiority Burger. It’s just that, as 2020’s summer-that-wasn’t hammered home, these hot, glorious months are precious and short. In that context, it’s hard to feel like measuring out 100 ingredients (one of – I Went Vegan For Love—And I Won’t Do It Again

Before I met Ben, I’d never genuinely considered cutting out meat or dairy. I love burgers and Parmesan and baking with full-fat butter. But somehow there I was, making “ricotta” out of tofu and coating my popcorn in nutritional yeast just so I could tell someone about it. Meanwhile, Ben constantly forgot about my food – Summer Drinks for Staying Cool

Every other week, Bon Appétit associate editor Christina Chaey writes about what she’s cooking right now. Pro tip: If you sign up for the Healthyish newsletter, you’ll get the scoop before everyone else. Somehow, heat-wave season in New York started before July even arrived and I’m currently experiencing the other kind of hot girl summer, – In My Childhood Kitchen, I Learned Both Fear and Love

My mother may not have known our dynamics, though she seemed to understand R.’s temper and often encouraged me not to “push his buttons.” R. and I existed in this set of frenetic circumstances, see-sawing between a shared sense of obligation and ambivalence.  Yet, in the kitchen, there was mostly joy. I watched those cubes – Snow Days Grain-Free Pizza Bites Are Deliziosi

Healthyish Loves It is our weekly column where we tell you about the stuff we can’t live without. See our past recommendations here! If you grew up on frozen pizza rolls, you’re gonna love Snow Days. They’ve got all of the same salty, tomato-y, gooey goodness, with an ingredient list that reads more like a – Shari Siadat Wants You to Glitter From Head to Toe

Shari Siadat has always been a busy woman. Before founding her industry-disrupting beauty brand TooD in 2019, she juggled life as a model, dancer, fitness instructor and writer, all while caring for three young daughters. While working in the image-based industries of fashion, dance and fitness, Siadat, who is Iranian American, found herself uninspired and – When It Comes to Sustainable Packaging, These 5 Wines Are Winning

When we think about sustainable wine, we tend to consider growing practices. Were the grapes farmed organically? Does the vineyard preserve biodiversity? We might even zoom out to the winery itself: whether it recycles, uses solar energy, conserves water. But those of us roaming the wine aisle may think about this lowest-hanging fruit the least: – EXHALE Means There’s Finally a Wellness App for Women of Color

Healthyish Loves It is our weekly column where we tell you about the stuff we can’t live without. See our past recommendations here! I had just about given up on wellness apps when I stumbled upon Exhale, a wellness app for BIWOC (Black, Indigenous, Women of Color). Like many others, I’d fallen into the cycle – How My Parents’ Koththamalli Recipe Soothes Me to Sleep

Food is medicine in my Sri Lankan home. My parents infused their love and care for me and my sister into the food they cooked. Thaththa, my father, plated spicy sambals to comfort us during drowsy, sluggish sick days. Amma, my mother, blended leafy greens with coconut milk and cooked rice for warm glasses of – I Hired a Cooking Therapist to Deal With My Anxiety

Debra says she doesn’t recommend cooking therapy as a primary treatment for eating disorders; she advises it for folks with eating disorders “only after a client is in recovery and stable, and only if their primary therapist thought it was a good idea.” “Cooking therapy is less about nutrition and diet (although it can be

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