Category: healthyish / trends – When It Comes to Sustainable Packaging, These 5 Wines Are Winning

When we think about sustainable wine, we tend to consider growing practices. Were the grapes farmed organically? Does the vineyard preserve biodiversity? We might even zoom out to the winery itself: whether it recycles, uses solar energy, conserves water. But those of us roaming the wine aisle may think about this lowest-hanging fruit the least: – We’re Calling It: Sage Green Is the Kitchen Color of 2021

From peppy lime to sophisticated olive, I’ve never met a green I didn’t like. But these days it seems I can’t swipe an inch on my feed without seeing herbaceous-hued dining rooms, kitchen cabinets, boudoirs, feature ceilings—even toolboxes(?). While common sage (Salvia officinalis) has long been prized for its earthy flavor and medicinal properties, sage – For TikTok’s Kitchen Witches, It’s Been a Year of Magical Cooking

To make Lizzie Markham’s “Black Raspberry Daiquiri for When Emotions Are Running High,” you’ll need white rum for strength and connection, simple syrup for sweetness, Chambord for pleasure and joy, lime juice for a mood boost, and a sprinkle of edible glitter “just because it’s beautiful.” Shake off the bad vibes in a shaker tin, – This New Chat Line Lets You Text Your Favorite Chefs For Cooking Advice

Dispatching from the Oregon coast…Pulled in 4 Dungeness crabs. @Lucas Sin, seeking your fave crab ideas 2x ways. The message from Portland culinary producer Liz Calderón popped up on my phone beneath photographic evidence: four hefty crabs on a weathered dock, plus a sunny seascape that set my very cold New-York-in-February soul ablaze with envy. – As The Plant-Based Movement Grows, Puerto Rican Restaurants Are Veganizing Their Menus

Casa Borinqueña has been feeding Oakland locals hungry for island cuisine since 2018. The pop-up and catering business won devout fans with pernil, shrimp mofongo, chicharrón de cerdo, and tostones con pollo. But last summer, Chef Lulu (who asked to be attributed by her first name) shocked, and in some cases angered, the small community – This Online Buy Nothing Group Taught Me the Joy and Solidarity of, Well, Buying Nothing

When was the last time you borrowed a cup of sugar or a stick of butter from a neighbor? The gesture sounds so nostalgic yet feels so foreign to many of us, especially amid the isolation of the pandemic. But in my Los Angeles neighborhood, these things flow from household to household with ease. Many – How Designer Ellen Van Dusen Lives In Technicolor

This article is part of Healthyish at Home, a collection of tips, recipes, and stories about making our living spaces (still) feel great.  If months of staring at my living room walls didn’t weaken minimalism’s appeal, one look at designer Ellen Van Dusen’s gloriously over-the-top Brooklyn brownstone did. The founder of beloved ultra-saturated brand Dusen – The Best Candles, Sprays, and Incense to Lift Your Mood

This article is part of Healthyish at Home, our expert-sourced guide to making our living spaces feel great.  Incense isn’t just essential for clearing the air of last night’s salmon. “Especially if we’re not leaving home much, you can create different emotional and psychological environments by using scent,” says neuroscientist Rachel Herz, Ph.D., author of – Finally: Non-Alcoholic Beer That Actually Tastes Good

Non-alcoholic beer used to feel like an afterthought, thrown at the bottom of beer lists or onto the most out-of-reach shelf at the liquor store. Because, to be quite frank, non-alcoholic beer was an afterthought. As the availability and quality of craft beer skyrocketed over the past decade, non-drinkers and the sober-curious were stuck with – This Snail Photo Book Is The Cutest Thing I’ve Seen All Year

Escapism comes in many forms right now, from reminiscing about karaoke-fueled holiday parties from years past to marathoning every episode of Gossip Girl. (Catch me doing both at once and try not to judge.) Now I have a new source of daydream fuel: Snail World, an adorably surreal book of miniature dioramas starring a surprisingly

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