Category: healthyish / home cooking – 54 Healthy Egg Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Consider this list of healthy egg recipes an ode to those yolky lil’ guys—a.k.a., the stars of our kitchens. Why are we so obsessed? Well, for one, they’re delicious. But they’re also super versatile; eggs can do it all!. They’ll steal the show in a delicious breakfast sandwich, play nice with veggies in green shakshuka, – MSG Makes Vegan Cooking a Breeze

People often assume that going vegan is the ultimate sacrifice. You’re used to eating nothing but the 10s—juicy steaks, long-simmering broths, and buttercream frosting—and then suddenly you find a glass ceiling of 7s above your head. Lentil salad is great and all, but does it haunt your dreams like a dense, cheesy lasagna?  When I – 29 Healthy Cauliflower Recipes to Celebrate Our Favorite Flower

These healthy cauliflower recipes make the most of our favorite crucifer. While loads of vegetables are destined to play supporting roles in our meals, cauliflower is hefty enough to standalone as the star. We love it grilled like steak and topped with peppy walnut caper salsa, minced into a bright and vinegary vegetarian larb, or – This Tofu Press Changed My Relationship with Tofu

Being a vegetarian doesn’t mean subsisting on steamed broccoli and bowls of pasta. In her monthly column, nearly lifelong vegetarian Sarah Jampel will tackle cooking, eating, and navigating the world meat-free—even when her grandma still doesn’t know what she makes for dinner. Next up: Why you should buy a tofu press. Every week I buy – 32 Dairy-Free Desserts That Butter Lovers Can Get Behind Too

While we’re not here to debate whether butter everything better, dairy-free desserts have a place in our hearts. Whether you’re lactose intolerant (condolences) and can’t handle the belly ache, or just trying to reduce your environmental impact, these recipes all have their own good thing going. We’re talking about the chocolate pudding that gets all – 43 Paleo Recipes the Non-Adherents Will Love Too

These paleo recipes make cooking for whole foods-enthusiasts a breeze. Also known as the caveman diet, it seeks to mirror the hunter-gatherer lifestyles of our ancestors’ living in the Paleolithic era: no sugar, gluten, grains, beans, peanuts, or dairy. Instead, you’ll find an emphasis on fruits, vegetables, and meats that have been minimally processed. We’re – Chef Maricela Vega Shows Us How to Love Eating Plants In the Winter

Ask Maricela Vega what drives her cooking and she’ll talk about relationships. Relationships with farmers, with community, with family and ancestors and the earth itself. “Food doesn’t just magically appear,” she says. “I rely on so many to do what I do.” For the chef at Atlanta restaurant 8ARM and founder of Chicomecóatl, an organization – Most Popular Healthy Recipes of 2020

2020 will go down as the year we cooked more than ever before. All this time at home gave us ample opportunity to try new recipes and replay our favorites, from brothy soups to creamy vegetarian pastas. Oh, and we fell for a few vegetable-heavy hits too. Check out the recipes that Healthyish readers loved – A Mussels Escabeche to Make at Home and Eat With Everything

Even after six years living in Madrid, scoring a free tapa with every drink still feels like hitting pay dirt to me. Whether my beer arrives with a froufrou canapé or a mess of hacked-up jamón, I graciously accept whatever morsel is thrust my way. But I can’t hide my glee when the tapa du – 73 Healthy Soup Recipes That Make Any Day Cozier

Grandmas across the globe had it right: Soup is the ultimate comfort food. These healthy soup recipes are easy to make and full of flavorful nutrients. They’re a staple in our kitchens year-round but especially essential as the temperature drops and curling up with a bowl of something steamy becomes a full-time hobby. We’re making

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