Category: healthyish / guide – What Is Nutritional Psychiatry? For Starters, It’s Delicious

“We are human,” Dr. Naidoo says. “Instead of judging yourself if you have a piece of cake, enjoy it and move on. People should not get hung up on diet war rules like ‘you can never eat bread or a piece of cake,’ or whatever it is.” In other words, Pizza Fridays will not make – 5 Low Alcohol Drinks to Sip at Your Next Vaxxed Hang

Like so many people, I let my personal habits slide into the “probably not okay” zone (what’s a shower again?) during the pandemic. But it wasn’t until I found myself initiating happy hour earlier and earlier in my days—and my prized Cuban rum collection somehow nearly drained—that I realized it was probably time to reassess – The Healthyish Guide to Low Waste Cooking

Laurie David, coauthor with Heather Reisman of the new book Imagine It! A Handbook for a Happier Planet, shares four tips to reduce waste at home. Embrace the Bumps Thousands of pieces of misshapen fruit are thrown away every day because people reject the slight imperfections that nature is bound to impart—we’re talking bumps, small – A Sensualist’s 7 Tips for Finding Sexual Liberation

In an Instagram post from August 2020, Ev’Yan Whitney, a Los Angeles–based “Sexuality Doula,” dances around their living room to celebrate a trio of recent milestones: a finished book manuscript, their six-month anniversary in L.A., and how good they look wearing Technicolor. The caption that accompanies the joyous video is classic Whitney, who brims with – How to Make the Creamiest Vegan Cheese Sauce

Some of my fondest memories involve what is commonly known as plastic cheese: movie theater nachos, bowling alley cheese fries, theme park soft pretzels dipped in a vat of neon yellow goop. There’s something uniquely comforting about the combination of carbohydrates and warm, salty cheese-adjacent substances. When I’m hit with a wave of nostalgia, this – 6 Ways to Feel Your Best in Spring, According to Ayurveda

Years ago the term cleanse meant two things to me: skin-care regimens and restrictive diets. But as my perspective has expanded and my knowledge of Ayurveda has increased, I’ve learned that “to cleanse” can have a much deeper meaning. In Ayurveda, an ancient health science originating in India, cleansing is a practice that gives the – Finally! An Online Marketplace Making Sustainable Home Goods Less Beige

First we swore off plastic wrap and paper towels. Then we realized that we still have leftovers to save and Pollock-inspired marinara splatters to wipe up. Luckily, we now have endless options for swapping single-use products with reusable stuff…perhaps too endless. Bay Area–based Azora Zoe Paknad noticed her friends and family struggling to navigate the – Healthyish at Home: 7 Ways to Make Your Space Feel Great

Photograph by Laura Murray If months of staring at the same walls didn’t weaken minimalism’s appeal, one look at designer Ellen Van Dusen’s gloriously over-the-top Brooklyn brownstone did. “Not everyone has the same relationship with color, but little objects can really shift the mood of a room,” Van Dusen says. “It’s an easy way to – 11 Self Care & Wellness Gifts for People With Impeccable Taste

Need more gift ideas? We’ve got everyone on your list covered right over here. All the CBD bath bombs in the world couldn’t erase the stress of 2020, but that doesn’t mean we’re not passing them out to everyone on our list this year, along with other covetable gifts like transportive cookbooks and extremely pourable

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