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Ladle scooping up hot beef stock from pot – Homemade Beef Stock | RecipeTin Eats

This is a classical French-style recipe for homemade beef stock. It’s vastly superior to any store-bought stock, and is one of the main things that distinguishes home and restaurant cooking. It takes time to make, but if you truly want the best, it’s worth it! Let me say from the outset: homemade beef stock requires

How to tell how fresh an egg is – How to tell how fresh your egg is (baking tip)

By:Nagi Published:15 Jan ’21Updated:15 Jan ’21 Fresh eggs are essential when used to give lift to cakes or to whip up into meringue to make pavlovas, soufflés or light-as-air Chocolate Mousse. This is because old eggs don’t whip up as well. Fresh eggs are also better for poaching because they have tighter whites so they

Baking powder – Baking basics: How to check your baking powder is still active

By:Nagi Published:15 Jan ’21Updated:15 Jan ’21 I sometimes receive messages from readers who say they followed my recipe to the letter, but their cake didn’t rise. And my first question back to them is – “did you check your baking powder is still good”? Baking powder can be dead even if its not past the

Cauliflower florets – How to cut cauliflower florets – quickly with less mess!

By:Nagi Published:7 Dec ’20Updated:8 Dec ’20 File this away under Good To Know – a quick tutorial for how I cut cauliflower florets quickly and efficiently, with minimal tiny bits of florets flying everywhere! This is how I prepare cauliflower for roasting, steaming or boiling to make puree. I seem to keep repeating myself in

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