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Close up of a slice of Black Forest Cake ready to be served – Black Forest Cake | RecipeTin Eats

This gateau is the most German of all cakes: Black Forest Cake! My idea of the perfect version has soft and tender cake layers wielding enough chocolate flavour without being overwhelming. Jarred rather than fresh cherries are my other trick, because they just work that much better with the cake. And most importantly to me,

German Potato Salad in a salad ready to be served – German Potato Salad | RecipeTin Eats

This is a warm potato salad, German-style! Slices of boiled potato are tossed in a warm, tangy-sweet bacon vinaigrette while hot so they absorb the flavour. They’re then showered with crispy, golden bacon bits and hit with freshness from dill and green onion. This excellent combination of flavours and textures makes this quite possibly my

Mixing German Cucumber Salad in a bowl – German Cucumber Salad | RecipeTin Eats

By:Nagi Published:12 May ’21Updated:12 May ’21 This is a great, easy and refreshing German Cucumber Salad that’s something a little different to the usual. Called Gurkensalat, it’s a staple side salad in every household in Germany. It’s particularly favoured during the warmer weather for its cooling effects, as well as making a perfect accompaniment to counter

Close up photo of roasted German Pork Knuckle (Schweinshaxe) with really crispy skin! – Crispy German Pork Knuckle (Schweinshaxe) with Beer Gravy

A hunk of impossibly tender, juicy pork meat on the bone, all wrapped in crispy crackling skin, you say? Be still my beating heart! Called Schweinshaxe, this slow-roasted German Pork Knuckle comes with a richly-flavoured beer gravy. Of the many things Germans have perfected, pork roast is right up there. And key to this meaty

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