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Freshly made Singapore Chilli Crab ready to be served – Singapore Chilli Crab | RecipeTin Eats

Here’s arguably the most famous crab recipe in the world: Singapore Chilli Crab! For the pinnacle of the experience, make this using fresh, live mud crab that you clean and cut yourself. Be prepared to get messy eating it (half the fun!) – and to be surprised at how quick it is to make! Singapore

Live whole Mud Crab recipe – How to clean and cut a whole crab

This is a visual tutorial explaining how to clean and cut a whole crab. I’m using a mud crab but the same process applies to any large crabs. This accompanies the Singapore Chilli Crab I published today, arguably one of the BEST crab recipes in the world! Singapore Chilli Crab Mud Crab claw being dipped

Close up photo of Monkfish recipe with pea puree and herb brown butter – Poor Man’s Lobster – Monkfish with Herb Brown Butter

With sweet, meaty lobster-like flesh, monkfish is affectionately known as “poor man’s lobster”. But there’s certainly nothing “poor” about this dish! If you’re new to cooking Monkfish, this is a good recipe to try because it’s easy and really showcases how good monkfish is, and why it’s a firm favourite with fine dining restaurants. Monkfish

Close up of fork picking up a slice of tuna steak – Tuna Steak | RecipeTin Eats

The perfect Tuna Steak is seared on the outside and deliciously rare on the inside. Cooked in 2 1/2 minutes flat – possibly the fastest fish recipe ever! I’m serving this tuna with a vibrant and fresh Sauce Vierge, a light French sauce that’s a modern classic for all the right reasons. Healthy, quick, easy

Overhead photo of 2 plates of Acqua Pazza - Italian Poached Fish – Acqua Pazza – Italian Poached Fish

Acqua Pazza – Fun to say, delicious to eat, Pesce all’ Acqua Pazza is an Italian poached fish dish that looks like summer on a plate! The best part is the crispy garlic crostini hidden under the fish that soaks up all that delicious sauce…… Pesce all’ Acqua Pazza – Italian Poached Fish The literal

Lobster Platter – Last minute Christmas-worthy Lobster Recipes (crayfish)

If you were lucky enough to snap up some of the steeply discounted cooked lobsters sold at Australian supermarkets in the lead up to Christmas, here are 6 lobster recipes you can make with them. I’ll also show you how easy it is to remove the lobster meat from the shell! TOP TIP: Keep it

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