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When it comes to certain occasions or times of the day, we often reach for wines and spirits to drink, but the incredible variety and diversity of beers means that you can also find a brew that matches equally as well, if not better. So, before you reach for the prosecco to celebrate or a – Easy Martini Recipes – olivemagazine

Looking for martini recipes? Want to learn how to make a classic martini? Try our ideas below, then check out our gin cocktails and vodka cocktails. What is a martini? Essentially, the martini is a mix of London dry gin or vodka and French dry vermouth, stirred over ice, strained and poured into an ice-cold – Best Decanters to Buy – olivemagazine

What is a decanter? Before glass bottles were mass produced, in the 19th century, wine would always be served from decanters, having been bought directly from the barrel in take-home containers. These days they’ve rather fallen out of fashion but, as well as being attractive centrepieces to a table, wine decanters serve two practical but – Best Beaujolais Wines to Buy

What is beaujolais wine? Beaujolais, affectionately nicknamed ‘bojo’, has always stood in the shadow of its more famous neighbour, Burgundy, which lies directly to the north and is home to some of the world’s most expensive wines. In contrast, beaujolais is known for its simple reds, designed to be drunk young. “Le beaujolais nouveau est – Unusual Gins To Try From Countries Across The World

Looking for unusual gins to try? We already have an expert guide to the UK’s best gins here, but there’s also plenty to explore beyond Britain. Want to try a European gin? We’ve got you covered – from a German spirit crafted in the Black Forest to a herbaceous bottle from Spain and a Slovenian gin – Bloody Mary Recipe – olivemagazine

Mix up a classic bloody mary, then check out our cosmopolitan, black russian, passion fruit martini and more vodka cocktail recipes. A bloody mary seems the obvious way to fight those January blues. This is our ultimate recipe; classic, but with enough extras to keep it interesting. Whether you spike it with vodka or keep it virgin, the burst – How to Travel Virtually with Wine

January is traditionally when we plan our holidays, but with uncertainty surrounding Covid restrictions, you may be seeking other ways to be transported. Wine can have this effect, being so rooted in the landscape, climate and culture of where it’s made. Look up your favourite wines on the web and see where that takes you – 11 of the best cocktail glasses

Looking for cocktail glasses to take your homemade cocktails to the next level? There’s something about a pretty glass that makes a drink, whether it’s a champagne cocktail in a coupe, a sleek glass for martinis or whisky in a satisfyingly weighty tumbler. Here are a few of our favourites. Best cocktail glasses to buy – Best Non-Alcoholic Wines To Buy

Demand for non-alcoholic drinks is booming as so many of us seek healthier lifestyles by cutting down on booze, or cutting it out completely. Non-alcoholic wine, or ‘de-alcoholised’ wine as it should more properly be called, has been around for a while but has long suffered from a reputation as being lacklustre and disappointing compared – Best Port Wine Brands and Supermarket Port

Looking for the best port wine to buy over the festive period? Our wine expert shares her favourites, including supermarket port, vintage port and tawny port. Like mince pies, mulled wine and comedy jumpers, port tends to appear only at Christmas and then is forgotten for the rest of the year. This is a great

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