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Dozer licking his Drip dog birthday cake – Drip Dog Birthday Cake – Dozer turns 9!

Behold: It’s a Drip decorated Dog Birthday Cake for Dozer’s 9th birthday! The goal was to build a truly impressive-looking cake that’s as convincingly “real” as possible, but made entirely out of dog-friendly, dog-consumable ingredients! How’d I do?? 😇 Drip decorated Dog Birthday Cake Another year older … but sadly not another year wiser (just – Interview: Life of Dozer 2020

For the first time ever, Dozer has agreed to sit down with me for a candid interview to share an insight into his life. In this explosive interview that took place in his very own home, he spills the beans on what it’s really like to live the Life of Dozer! . . It’s been

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