Category: culture / pop-culture – ‘High on the Hog’ Is About More Than Food– It’s About Homecoming

Within the first two minutes of the opening episode, I felt two decades of residual childhood guilt melt away. Watching as Satterfield eats mashed yam (a cousin to fufu) and lamb with his hands in Benin and slurps crab and okra stew in South Carolina, I was overcome with a profound sense of familiarity, comfort, – Lana Condor’s Dream Dinner Party Involves Pizza and a Giant Cauldron

Welcome to Dream Dinner Party, where we ask notable figures to describe just that: the dinner party of their dreams. Though we’ve only just met for this interview, I’m convinced Lana Condor would be just as happy working professionally with food as she is working in Hollywood. The acclaimed lead of the Netflix films based – Netflix’s Waffles + Mochi Creators on Working With Michelle Obama and Breaking the Rules of Kids’ Shows

JK: No food pyramid. Food is good for you; we believe that. When we first researched this show, we met with Eleanor Oaks, an anthropologist at UCLA, who won the MacArthur Genius grant for studying family and dinnertime dynamics. And she compared American families to those of different cultures around the world. In one study,

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