Category: culture / people – Mindy Kaling Would Only Have One Guest at Her Dream Dinner Party

Welcome to Dream Dinner Party, where we ask notable figures to describe just that: the dinner party of their dreams. Mindy Kaling’s body of work may be one of the few that excites multiple generations in the same household. Teens and their parents alike have made The Office a perennial favorite. And whole families are discovering – Brad Talks Vintage Cast Iron with the Instagram King of Old Pans

KS: Small depressions in the metal over time, almost like little craters. They’re caused by overheating sometimes or if the metal is too stressed. A couple of little ones are fine because obviously a pan that’s a hundred-something years old is going to show some wear. But if it’s too much, I pass on it. – Stacey Abrams on the Secret Ingredient to Great Cheesecake

Welcome to Dream Dinner Party, where we ask notable figures to describe just that: the dinner party of their dreams. If you love nothing more than to read a good novel on a lazy summer day, consider While Justice Sleeps. It’s “a first-class legal thriller… that’s fast-paced and full of surprises,” according to someone who knows – Padma Lakshmi Is Telling Stories for a Better World

“It’s so nice for me to finally have the community I wish I had in my 20s,” Padma Lakshmi says. It’s a sunny May day and amid her back-to-back schedule, the author, activist, model, and television host is reflecting on her recent A1 award from Gold House, a nonprofit that’s been honoring the 100 most – Matthew Raiford’s New Cookbook Celebrates Black Resistance by Existence

The chef boldly declares that Southern food’s longevity and popularity is rooted in its dynamism; it is never static, never boring: “Does anybody understand that Southern cuisine is the only cuisine that has grown and matured?” he asks. “Everybody wants to be part of the story, and to be known for having the best Southern – It’s Time to Give Black Barbecue Culture the Attention It Deserves

Why do I care about the ups and downs of Black barbecue? It’s deeper than love. It’s because I’ve been radicalized by something that I watched on television. Actually, it’s more about what I didn’t see. In May 2004, I was intrigued by a Food Network promotional commercial for a one-hour special titled Paula’s Southern – Edna Lewis Taught Me to Stop Asking For Permission

Go back in time with us to 1971, the year that changed the way we eat forever. My Uncle Joe was a chef and Aunt Laura was a classical pianist, and they lived in Harlem in the 1940s and early ’50s. They were fancy Negroes, if you will; they kept a proper home and dressed – How Edna Lewis Taught Scott Peacock to Embrace His Heritage as a Southern Chef

A year later Miss Lewis returned to Atlanta for a food festival and I was asked to be her assistant. For four days we shopped and cooked together as our friendship slowly took hold. Enough so that a few months later she invited me to visit her in Manhattan. There, we spent an entire day – 8 Black Food Pros on How Their HBCU Prepped Them For Greatness

“Spelman created a supportive village that has allowed me to thrive. Spelman also taught me perseverance, and how to keep fighting, no matter how difficult the challenge. In starting Theopolis Vineyards in 2003, I understand that I am one of the trailblazers in being an African American female vintner and only hope that I can – My Son, Philando Castile, Was a Role Model. Here’s How I’m Keeping His Legacy Alive

In this week’s Person of Interest, editor in chief Dawn Davis talks to Valerie Castile, the mother of Philando Castile—a school nutrition supervisor who was killed by Minnesotan police in 2016. Almost five years after his death, Valerie reflects on her son’s life and introduces the Philando Castile Relief Foundation, which aims to reduce school

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