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Bon Appétit – Cooking with Autism and Apraxia: I Found My Voice Through Food

My ability to speak disappeared shortly after it arrived. At age three, I was diagnosed with autism. Many years later, my family learned a more specific descriptor for my condition—minimally verbal autism with apraxia. Apraxia means my neural and motor systems are not well-aligned, so I struggle with fine motor skills and initiating actions. This – Diet For a Small Planet Started a Food Revolution in 1971—And It’s Never Felt More Relevant

Go back in time with us to 1971, the year that changed the way we eat forever. When Frances Moore Lappé called cattle “a protein factory in reverse” in her 1971 book Diet for a Small Planet, she wasn’t just arguing that meat was an inefficient way to feed humans, though it is. Nor did – How The Black Panthers Party’s Free Breakfast Program Laid the Groundwork for Modern Activism

Go back in time with us to 1971, the year that changed the way we eat forever. When Black Panther Party member Ericka Huggins left prison on May 25, 1971, she was hungry. She had been hungry every day for the two years she’d served at Connecticut’s Niantic Correctional Institution, a high-security facility for female – A Eulogy for Mars 2112

Mars 2112 was a science-fiction themed restaurant and tourist trap in New York City. Few mourned it when it closed in 2012, one hundred years ahead of its time. It was like a Rainforest Café, except with aliens, craters, and a space flight simulation ride that dropped space travelers off at the hostess stand. Patrons – From My Grandmother’s Kitchen to NYC’s Best Restaurants, My Life in Rice

You have to commit to a bag of rice. And I’m not talking about the small, microwaveable, single-serving disasters in a pouch—I mean the big 50-pounders that are always near the registers at grocery stores like Seafood City or 99 Ranch, the ones that you have to put in a rice dispenser, a de rigueur – Trader Joe’s New Snacks Are As Festive As a Holiday Rom-Com

This is it! My last round-up of Trader Joe’s new product reviews for the cursed year 2020. For many, many months I didn’t shop at my beloved TJs because the line wrapped around the block when it was still dark out in the morning. But things have reached a sanitized equilibrium and unlike other grocery – Trader Joe’s November Reviews: Huge News for Cheese

In the sub-basement of Trader Joe’s corporate headquarters, I assume there’s an evil scientist waving their hands around one of those electrified balls that make your hair stand up, but inside the ball is a head of radioactive cauliflower. The scientist is cackling maniacally, shrieking, I’VE DONE IT! I’VE DONE IT THIS TIME!! And an – Trader Joe’s Fall 2020 Snacks, Reviewed

Love these PSL wafers. The subtle, creamy filling didn’t kick in until my third stick. I like how I can pretend they’re long Cruella de Vil cigs—and their portability. Here are all of the places you could store these wafers to have ready in case of low blood sugar: the pen pocket on your cargo

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