Category: culture / features – Trader Joe’s New Snacks Are As Festive As a Holiday Rom-Com

This is it! My last round-up of Trader Joe’s new product reviews for the cursed year 2020. For many, many months I didn’t shop at my beloved TJs because the line wrapped around the block when it was still dark out in the morning. But things have reached a sanitized equilibrium and unlike other grocery – Trader Joe’s November Reviews: Huge News for Cheese

In the sub-basement of Trader Joe’s corporate headquarters, I assume there’s an evil scientist waving their hands around one of those electrified balls that make your hair stand up, but inside the ball is a head of radioactive cauliflower. The scientist is cackling maniacally, shrieking, I’VE DONE IT! I’VE DONE IT THIS TIME!! And an – Trader Joe’s Fall 2020 Snacks, Reviewed

Love these PSL wafers. The subtle, creamy filling didn’t kick in until my third stick. I like how I can pretend they’re long Cruella de Vil cigs—and their portability. Here are all of the places you could store these wafers to have ready in case of low blood sugar: the pen pocket on your cargo

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