Category: culture / Coronavirus – 52 Easy Lunch Ideas to Brighten the Workday

Here’s a case for these quick lunch ideas: It’s midday, you’re working hard, the Slacks are pinging, and your stomach is growling. It’s time to take a pause to eat lunch, but you only have 30 minutes and you know you will get scurvy if you make boxed mac and cheese again. Whatever do you – The Lives of Essential Workers, One Year Into the Pandemic

“We have been called heroes, but I don’t like that word,” Albarran says. “We’re simply essential workers. We do our work as best we can so everyone can have food on their table.” Hernandez rides a bike full of orders in NYC. Photo by Hannah La Follette Ryan Andres Hernandez: DoorDash Delivery Driver, Queens, NY – I’m Afraid It’s Too Late to Save Restaurants

We’re trying our best to keep everyone hopeful, but at the end of the day, it feels like piling sandbags against the tsunami. For every effort we do, it just doesn’t stand a chance against the economic backdrop of what restaurants are going to face this winter. And what we’re seeing now is people who – This Dish Tells the Story of How COVID-19 Broke the Food System

Spot Prawns from Key City Fish in Port Townsend, WA“Serving restaurants was 75 percent of our business,” president Johnpaul Davies says. To make ends meet he’s now connecting his restaurant partners with other local producers, like farmers and butchers. The chefs order directly from the producer, and Key City Fish handles the delivery. Seafood from – “I’m Still Waiting On My Dream Restaurant”

On weekends in high school, while my friends went to football games, I washed dishes at my parents’ restaurant, Danthai. All I wanted was to get away. It’s that first-generation thing: I grew up in a Thai bubble, then when I got to school, English replaced my mother tongue. School lunches were my education on – “I’m Cooking the Way That Nigerians Always Do When They See Their Community in Need”

When I opened Eko Kitchen in San Francisco a year ago, people came for the experience, not just the food. Here, they got Nigerian music. They saw the work of Nigerian artists. They learned how to cook Nigerian food through my classes at the restaurant. When my team and I got the stay-at-home order in – The Breakfast Recipes That Gave Me Joy During My Quarantine in Mexico

I am not a morning person. In New York City, where I’ve lived for almost two decades, breakfast was a Chemex of coffee and a subway ride. But when COVID-19 hit the U.S., I chose to stay in Mazatlán, Mexico, where I was researching recipes for my upcoming cookbook on regional Mexican food. I’d been – It Took a Global Pandemic For Me to Stop Cooking Like a ‘Chef’ and Just Chill

When I’m at my restaurants, I instinctively cook to impress. I’m an Indian chef making Indian street food, and I can’t help but let Western-centric technique and aesthetic creep into my preparation and plating. I feel the all-seeing social media eye that’s endlessly judging, commenting, and reposting, knowing that its approval can make or break – 35 Lessons From Our Quarantine Kitchens

The first thing we did was shop. At the start of quarantine in mid-March, we, like so many of you, bought lots of beans, pounds of rice, and alllll the toilet paper. As a staff suddenly working from home, we enjoyed the opportunity to cook—to skip the salad line and make something delicious in our – Happy Hour Is Better With…Your Parents?

It’s five o’clock on a Monday at my parents’ house in Dallas and I come downstairs to a lemon drop martini sitting on the kitchen island with a note from my mom: “Be careful, Chhotu,” it reads (Chhotu = my childhood nickname). “This has three ounces of vodka in it. Very boozy. Love, Ma.” In

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