Category: Coronavirus Food – Tomato Paste replacement for canned tomato

By:Nagi Published:3 Aug ’20Updated:4 Aug ’20 This is a recipe for how to use tomato paste as a replacement for canned tomato. It’s a recipe I created during the COVID pandemic lockdown here in Sydney, Australia, during which supermarket shelves were emptied of canned foods including canned tomato (crushed, diced etc). Background – COVID and the canned tomato shortage

Lockdown Cooking Help Hotline – Lockdown Cooking Q&A – Ask Me Anything!

By:Nagi Published:3 Aug ’20Updated:3 Aug ’20 This Cooking Hotline is dedicated to the people of Victoria who went into COVID Lockdown 2.0 last night. While everyone is welcome to use this post to ask any questions about recipes or cooking, if you mention that you are in Victoria, I will prioritise responding to your questions.

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