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Looking for quick and easy cod recipes? Try our easy fish recipes using cod. From grilled cod to cod fritters, pan-fried cod and an easy fish traybake. Next, check out our fish recipes. Easy cod recipes Chunky cod fritters with aïoli Pastéis de bacalhau are served everywhere in Portugal, from cafés to restaurants and school – Fish and Chips Recipe With Beer-Battered Cod

Submerge one of the fillets in the batter, then remove and carefully lower into the hot oil using metal tongs, holding the fish half out of the oil for 2-3 seconds before carefully lowering the whole fillet away from you – this allows an air bubble to form under the batter, ensuring it doesn’t sink – Brazilian Fish Stew – olivemagazine

This competition is now closed 30 minutes Serves 4 or 6 with sides Easy Moqueca Baiana, a traditional Brazilian fish stew, is typically made with rich, red dendê palm oil. Here, we have gone with the lighter Moqueca Capixaba, which is just as delicious but uses extra-virgin olive oil instead By Nadine Brown January 27,

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