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This competition is now closed It’s party time! Grab the strawberries, rum, lime juice and ice, then blitz it all together to make this quick and refreshing frozen daiquiri cocktail. By Janine Ratcliffe Published: April 27, 2021 at 9:40 am Source link – Piña Colada Recipe – olivemagazine

Mix up a refreshing piña colada, then check out our frozen strawberry daiquiri, mojito, dark and stormy punch and more rum cocktails. What is a piña colada? Creamy, fruity and delightfully retro, the piña colada is the national drink of Puerto Rico, where it was invented in the mid 20th century. After tasting it for the – Easy Sipping Cocktail Recipes – olivemagazine

Whether you’re looking for a warming winter tipple or a slow, summer thirst-quencher, these classic sipping cocktails are ideal for taking your time. Try a zesty margarita or a smooth whisky sour and learn how to make your favourite drinks at home with our simple techniques. These stunning slow sippers don’t need to be complicated – Easy Wine Cocktails Recipes – olivemagazine

Looking for the perfect pitcher of sangria or a sensational spritz recipe? Put that bottle of red, white, rosé or sparkling wine to good use with our innovative cocktail recipes and celebratory tipples. Try our mouth-watering cocktail ideas below, or read up on the best supermarket sparkling wines to bring the fizz to your next – Easy Citrus Cocktail Recipes – olivemagazine

Looking for a stunning sgroppino or simple spritz to kick off your next summer party in style? Try our citrus cocktails below and check out our easy summer cocktail recipes for more seasonal inspiration. Pair your drinks with some special sweets and zesty mains from our best orange recipes and easy grapefruit recipes. Easy citrus – Easy Spicy Cocktail Recipes – olivemagazine

Make the most of summer and punchy chilli flavours with our spicy cocktail recipes. Whether you’re looking for a spicy margarita or a smooth bloody mary, we have something that’ll treat your tastebuds. Take your party up a notch with these fiery drinks ideas, perfect for barbecue season. Try our recipes below or browse our – Best Agave Cocktail Recipes – olivemagazine

This summer, break out the cocktail shaker and try our top agave drinks recipes, from the famous margarita to a zesty mezcal paloma. Try our flavourful ideas below, then browse our easy cocktail recipes to add to your ideal party menu. What is agave? Agave is a species of plant native to the Americas that – Best Dessert Cocktail Recipes – olivemagazine

As an alternative to pudding, why not try serving up our mouthwatering dessert cocktails? Learn how to make a classic brandy Alexander, an elegant white russian or a bottle of homemade Irish cream. Try our ideas below for perfect post-dinner tipples. For more dessert alternatives with a caffeine kick, try our best coffee cocktail recipes – Best Cocktail Sours – olivemagazine

Want to perfect the whisky sour or master its many cousins? Try everything from simple gin sours to tropical variations with our top drinks recipes. The origins of the sour stretch back centuries to when sailors devised a way of preventing scurvy (a disease caused by a lack of vitamin C) on long voyages by – Best Italian Cocktail Recipes – olivemagazine

Impress your guests or just relax in the garden with one of our top Italian cocktail recipes. Match them with our easy Italian recipes for a colourful summer spread, and top it all off with our best Italian desserts. Serve up a ray of sunshine in a glass with a classic negroni, a stunning Aperol

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