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Close up of corn chip being dipped into Guacamole – Guacamole | RecipeTin Eats

The secret to the best guacamole? Starting with a paste made with coriander/cilantro, chilli and onion. It’s the traditional Mexican way! First timers can never pick why it tastes so good, they just know it is waaaay better than the usual! Tell me about Guacamole! What is a good guacamole recipe? The best guacamole starts – Holiday Crostini – 8 DELICIOUS ways!

Crostini – with 8 crostini topping ideas with an emphasis on holiday and Christmas! An easy canapé of crispy toasted bread topped anything you want, this is a super finger food that’s economical and easy to make. The crostini bread can be made days and days in advance – it stays crispy for ages! Crostini Everybody loves finger

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