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Hand Holding Rocky Road Cookies – Rocky Road Cookies | i am baker

Rocky Road Cookies are chocolate cookies loaded with semi-sweet chocolate chunks and almonds, topped with mini marshmallows. Try my Rocky Road Brownies and Rocky Road Sheet Cake for more rocky road desserts! Rocky Road Cookies This recipe starts with my Chocolate Espresso Cookie recipe, but without the espresso. Then, it’s about adding the chocolate chunks

Bit Into Chocolate Dipped Wafers {Thin Mint Copycat} – Chocolate Dipped Wafers {Thin Mint Copycat}

Chocolate Dipped Wafers are homemade mint chocolate wafers dipped in melted chocolate that taste like Thin Mint cookies. Try my Chocolate Peppermint Cookies for a soft and chewy cookie filled with peppermint chunks. Chocolate Dipped Wafers {Thin Mint Copycat} If you can’t find a girl scout who is selling cookies this year, make your own

Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies on Plate – Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies | i am baker

Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies are soft chocolate sugar cookies topped with a chocolate square and marshmallow for a sweet, chocolate treat. Try my Dirty Chocolate Cookies for another chocolate cookie favorite. Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies In this recipe, the chocolate cookie is topped with a little bit of sugar. Then, it is baked for a few minutes

Overhead Image of Chocolate Sugar Cookies with Chocolate Frosting on White Surface – Chocolate Sugar Cookie {with amazing Chocolate Frosting!}

Chocolate Sugar Cookies are soft cookies full of chocolate flavor and topped with a creamy homemade chocolate frosting. For a more classic sugar cookie recipe, check out my Sugar Cookie recipe. Chocolate Sugar Cookie This chocolate sugar cookie is a cookie that looks a lot like a chocolate swig cookie. Swig cookies originated in Utah,

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