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Stacked and Bit Into Orange Creamsicle Fudge – Orange Creamsicle Fudge | i am baker

Orange Creamsicle Fudge is a sweet fudge made with just the right amount of orange flavor and white chocolate chips for a soft and smooth treat. Try my Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes for another citrusy summertime dessert! Orange Creamsicle Fudge There is no need to worry about this orange creamsicle fudge melting on you as you

overhead of Rice Krispie Treat squares closeup. – The Best Rice Krispie Treats Recipe

Extra marshmallows, premium butter, a splash of vanilla extract, and plenty of (optional!) sprinkles. My Rice Krispie Treats recipe is a gourmet twist on the classic and comes together in minutes! Recipe includes a how-to video! A Quick & Easy Classic Recipe I love a good classic recipe, but even more than that I love a – Top Ten Recipes January 2021

We have finally made it through the long month of January 2021. Yes, it has seemed extra long, but there were some highlights, like my top ten recipes from the month! With many people working from home and staying in, it’s the perfect time to try some new recipes. And, when they turn out, it’s – Crockpot Candy | i am baker

Crockpot Candy is made with two kinds of chocolate, almond bark, peanuts, and peanut butter chips, all melted and blended together in a slow cooker. Try my Buttercream Candies for another sweet treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. Crockpot Candy Slow cookers are not just for savory dishes. They are perfect for making these crockpot – Cookie Dough Fudge | i am baker

Cookie Dough Fudge is an easy, no-cook fudge that tastes like chocolate chip cookie dough and is made with sweetened condensed milk and white chocolate chips. If you prefer just the cookie dough, here is my edible cookie dough recipe. Cookie Dough Fudge If you love cookie dough, you will love this fudge. Plus, it’s – Cookie Dough Balls | i am baker

Cookie Dough Balls are sweet treats with chocolate chip cookie dough coated in melted semi-sweet chocolate. I have given a semi-homemade version below, but be sure to try my Edible Cookie Dough should you want it to be extra delicious and totally homemade! Cookie Dough Balls Isn’t it wonderful that we can safely eat chocolate

Bit Into Strawberry Shortcake Fudge – Strawberry Shortcake Fudge | i am baker

Strawberry Shortcake Fudge is two layers of strawberry fudge with vanilla wafers nestled between the layers and topped with crushed wafers. If you have ever had strawberry milk, this is exactly what it tastes like!  Strawberry Shortcake Fudge Although there is no actual shortcake in this recipe, it follows the same layering concept of the

Can of Peanut Butter Balls – Peanut Butter Balls | i am baker

Peanut Butter Balls are sweet treats that are made with creamy peanut butter and coated with a layer of melted, semi-sweet chocolate. Try my Buttercream Candies for another chocolate-coated treat. Peanut Butter Balls There is actually a scientific reason that people love the combination of peanut butter and chocolate. It’s called Dynamic Sensory Contrast. It – Chocolate Peanut Clusters | i am baker

Chocolate Peanut Clusters are candies made with melted chocolate chips and loaded with roasted peanuts for a sweet treat any time! Try my Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge for another chocolatey treat.  Chocolate Peanut Clusters These chocolate peanut clusters are so easy to make and are the perfect, bite-sized treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. It

One Buttercream Candy Bit Into – Buttercream Candies | i am baker

Buttercream Candies are treats with a soft and creamy buttercream filling dipped and covered in melted chocolate. If you love chocolate-covered treats, try my Chocolate Covered Cherries! Buttercream Candies When it comes to homemade candies, the holidays are a popular time to get some made. But, there is no need to wait until the holidays

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