Category: Beef Mince / Ground Beef

Big pot of Beef and Lentil Soup made with ground beef / beef mince, fresh off the stove – Beef & Lentil Soup | RecipeTin Eats

Here’s a different beef mince recipe idea for you – a hearty Beef & Lentil Soup with vegetables! Adapted from my Best Ever Lentil Soup with the addition of ground beef and a Moroccan spicing for extra tastiness, lentil soups can be so boring – but not this one! Healthy, hearty, economical – and it’s

Pot of One Pot Pasta Bolognese, fresh off the stove – One Pot Pasta Bolognese | RecipeTin Eats

One Pot Pasta Bolognese is the quick version of Spaghetti Bolognese using two nifty shortcuts: cooking spaghetti IN the meat sauce, plus an instant thick, rich sauce using tomato passata / puree instead of the usual crushed tomatoes. You didn’t really I’d use bottled pasta sauce, did you?? Forget that! We’re making from scratch! One Pot Pasta

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