Category: basically / recipes – 23 Potato Salad Recipes to Make for Your Next BBQ

Potato salad is one of summer’s essentials. Easy to whip up for a crowd, potato salads are reliable and so darn delicious. So whether you’re hosting or attending a summer party—or getting weeknight dinner on the table—here are 23 of our favorites. We’ve got classic, German, spicy chorizo, and even one that’s garnished with chips. – Jalapeño Popper Gougères Recipe | Bon Appétit

Choux pastry is a marvel: It comes together in a matter of minutes and is the basis of cream puffs, profiteroles, éclairs, croquembouche, French crullers, and the airy, cheesy, eggy delights called gougères. Here, the gougères are flavored with cheddar and pickled jalapeños as a nod to jalapeño poppers (shout-out to contributor Aliza Abarbanel for – Ginger-Scallion Tofu Scramble With Spinach and Chili Oil Recipe

I’m a lover of scrambled eggs, but this tofu scramble is currently my favorite go-to. The delicate texture of silken tofu creates a creamy backdrop to crunchy garnishes like fried shallots, scallions, and crispy chili oil. And the tofu also acts as a cooling contrast to the ginger, soy, and cumin. Mirin adds sweetness and – Pan-Seared Chicken Breasts With Crunchy Radish Salad Recipe

How can you bring out the best in skinless, boneless chicken breasts, which have a tendency to overcook and dry out? Cook them mostly on one side over moderately high heat for a tasty crust and plenty of juiciness, then pair them with a bright vinaigrette to further counteract any potential dryness. Finally, top them – Pea and Ricotta Potstickers With Homemade Dumpling Wrappers Recipe

Making dumpling wrappers from scratch may seem daunting, but this method makes it highly achievable. While there are many types of dumpling skins, some of which are made with starches, my preferred variety to make at home requires just two humble ingredients—flour and water—and happens to be one of the easiest doughs to work with. – Kuku Paka Recipe | Bon Appétit

Kuku paka, an East African-Indian dish that’s traditionally made with charcoal-grilled in a spiced coconut milk sauce and served over rice, is comforting, sweet, creamy, and well-balanced. This version, which is adapted from my cookbook Let’s Eat, approximates the traditional curry base, but features broiled chicken so that you don’t have to grill when it’s – Vanilla Cake With Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

This vanilla cake doesn’t skimp on the butter, sugar, or eggs—and that’s part of what makes it so delicious. The other big part is the “dissolved sugar method,” a technique that comes from Shirley Corriher’s brilliant baking book, Bakewise. The sugar is dissolved with hot liquid (in this case, that’s milk), which makes for a – Salmon Coconut Soup Recipe | Bon Appétit

Packed with clear-your-sinuses heat, this comforting and spicy coconut soup will warm you up on cold nights. Inspired by the classic Thai soup tom kha gai, this version has pieces of salmon instead of chicken and uses easy-to-find ginger instead of traditional galangal root. (If you have access to galangal, though, by all means, use – Cooking With Water – Why Water is the Most Important Ingredient in the Kitchen

We talk a lot (maybe too much?) about the importance salt and oil when you cook, but what about water? The unsung, practically invisible hero of the kitchen, you won’t get very far without it. (Just try cooking—or cleaning up—without using any and you’ll see what we mean.) Below, we’ll explore some of the ways – Rustic Leek and Potato Soup With Fried Herb Gremolata Recipe

I started making this soup after learning the hard way that puréeing potatoes with a blender yields a gummy texture. Instead of fussily using a food mill, I asked myself, Why am I making a pureéd soup in the first place? Instead, I slice the potatoes, so that they turn tender and creamy.  The fried

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