Category: basically / recipes – Spinach Namul (Blanched and Seasoned Korean Spinach) is How I Eat A Whole Bunch of Spinach in One Sitting

The authors broadly define namul as “foods made by seasoning and mixing edible plants or leaves.” By parboiling or stir-frying the vegetables, their volume decreases considerably, making it easier to meet your recommended daily intake. One of the most common (and delicious!) types is spinach, or sigeumchi, namul. You’ll find these in everything from lunch – Hungarian Mushroom Soup Recipe | Bon Appétit

A few years ago, I visited the Alaska State Fair and ate my way through a variety of comfort foods, including Hungarian mushroom soup, or gomba leves. It’s a mushroom-heavy soup spiced with Hungarian paprika, dill, and thyme. This soup just hits the spot on a cold night. There are a number of variations that – Aloo Tikki With Hari Chutney Recipe

These bronzed, crispy-on-the-outside spiced potato patties, or aloo tikki in Urdu and Hindi, take me back to my school years in Lahore. We used to line up for the school tuck shop owner Apa’s aloo tikki: Each one was placed neatly in the middle of warm naan and folded for a mobile snack during recess. – Cabbage Roll Casserole Recipe | Bon Appétit

This super-cozy bake from recipe developer Asha Loupy is inspired by classic Eastern European cabbage rolls but takes a leaf—or a layer, if you will—out of the lasagna handbook. Blanched cabbage leaves are stacked with spiced beef ragù and lemony herbed rice for a casserole that’s chock-full of all the flavors of cabbage rolls, without – Sesame Tofu With Broccoli Recipe

When I was growing up, tofu was a weeknight staple on our dinner table, served in stir-fries and soups, stuffed into fish cakes, or fried. In my household, which is vegetarian, it’s our main source of protein, used in dishes from all cuisines—from a turmeric-accented tofu scramble for tacos to a vegan palak paneer-style dish – Chicken and Mushroom Sauced Noodles With Thai Basil Recipe

In a lot of noodle shops in China, there’s a choice between soup noodles and sauced noodles. While I usually gravitate toward soup noodles during cold weather, there’s something very comforting about sauced noodles, where each strand is coated in a complex savory sauce that flavors the entire dish. This recipe—with its thick gravy, umami – Sos Pwa Nwa and Mayi Moulen Recipe

Sos pwa nwa is a stewy Haitian black bean sauce that combines beans, coconut milk, and aromatics to create a deep velvety dish. Starting with dried, not canned, beans makes a big difference, as canned beans will never achieve that same rich texture. Sos pwa nwa is most often eaten with white rice or mayi – Tomato and Egg Drop Noodle Soup Recipe

The combination of tomato, egg, and noodles is a beloved dish in the cuisine of Hong Kong cha chaan teng, tea cafés that date back to the 1850s. There are many variations of this dish: Often, the egg is scrambled and mixed through a tangy tomato and macaroni soup; other times, a thick tomato soup – Huevos Rancheros con Rajas y Champiñones Recipe

You’ll find innumerable versions of huevos rancheros throughout Mexico (and beyond!), but at its heart, it consists of fried corn tortillas, fried eggs, and a generous amount of tomato salsa. “There should be a lot of salsa for the eggs,” says recipe developer Rick Martinez—and since that salsa is spicy, fresh, and, thanks to the – Black-Eyed Pea Masala With Kale Recipe

“Black-eyed peas are commonly used across India and go by the names lobia, longi, alasande kalu, and chawli, among others. In Maharashtra, they’re made into usal using fresh coconut and fennel seeds. In the Southern part of India, they’re made into a dry or saucy curry using spiced coconut paste, or soaked and blended into

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