Category: basically / Basically – What is Tamarind and How Do You Use It In Cooking

In this recipe, tamarind concentrate is incorporated into a glaze that’s slathered over black bass. Photo by Laura Murray, food styling by Rebecca Jurkevich, prop styling by Sophie Strangio How can you use it? Raw tamarind is highly acidic and pucker-inducing. Pickle chunky pieces with tomatoes, chiles, or carrot to enjoy with Indian bread like – The Best Can Opener Never Gets Gunk On It and I Love It

Sure, a lot of cans “nowadays” come with tabs to open them, but not ALL cans. Especially the cheapest brands on the shelf, which are my favorites. A person needs a can opener. But too many can openers in this country are crusty with gunk, rusty with rust, and dusty with dust! Enough is enough. – How to Make the Best Pie Dough, According to a Pie Dough Expert

It’s important to understand why water is added only after the flour and butter are mixed: When the water joins the party, gluten starts to form. Gluten toughens the dough, making the finished crust heavy and solid rather than light and flakey. But by mixing the flour with cold butter before you add the water, – Meal Prep Tips to Get You Sorta Ready for the Week Ahead

It’s just cooking a bunch of stuff! That’s all that meal prep is. I listen to This American Life and chop endless onions and hours happily pass and I end up with containers of this and that for the week ahead. But in this time of great stress, dire food insecurity, and unknowable chaos, we – 13 Tips to Make the Most of Your Freezer

We used to treat our freezers like temperature-controlled junk drawers. Three stray taquitos. A half bag of corn. Vintage pesto. But for strategic, economic cooking, something had to change.  These are the 13 tips that have helped us unlock our freezers’ full potential. Maybe you’ll find something useful in here—you know, between the ice cream – Filipino Vinegars, An Extremely Condensed Guide

Filipino cooking is reflected by how Filipinos like to eat—namely, by balancing three predominant elements of taste: sour, salty, and sweet. We love snacking on tart green mangoes with salty, funky shrimp paste (admittedly, I loathed shrimp as a child and would often opt for crunchy bits of rock salt instead). We like putting bits – 6 Instant Ramen Noodle Recipes

To many, instant noodles are budget food, the backup pantry item that steps up when you are short on money, time, or both. But to me, instant noodles also represent indulgence, pleasure, and thrill. The ritual of instant noodles runs deep in my veins. Growing up in a Cantonese household, instant noodles were a daily

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