Author: Sarah Jampel – What You Need to Know About Onions, From How to Pick ‘Em to How to Pickle ‘Em

Like rainy days and sad songs, onions will make you cry. And yet imagine a world without them. We’d have no scallion pancakes, no French onion soup, no pierogies, no Greek salad, no chicken yassa, no sour cream and onion potato chips. Now that is something to cry about. It’s easy to take onions for – How to Store Onions So They Last Longer Than Your Most Recent Relationship

I’ve thought about how to store herbs, berries, tomatoes, nuts, and even flour. (Underwear, that too!) But how to store onions? Don’t you just, er, put them on the counter and let them hang out for…I don’t know…ever? That’s what I thought until one dark morning several years ago, when I walked into the kitchen – How to Cut Onions Without Crying Like a Baby

Before we get into how to cut onions without crying, let’s discuss why onions make us cry in the first place. As onions grow they absorb sulfur from the soil and convert it to amino acids. When their cells are damaged (i.e., when the onion is sliced), those acids come into contact with enzymes that – How to Cut an Onion, With Videos for Thinly Slicing, Dicing, and Cutting Into Rings

Cutting an onion can feel like trying to escape a maze, blindfolded. One wrong turn—or slice—can send you swiftly down the wrong path. And then there are all of the different verbs—you can slice an onion, chop an onion, dice an onion, cut an onion…. What is all what?!  We say: Enough already! Let these – Make Caramelized Onions in the Oven, Save Yourself From Stirring and Sweating

I don’t love babysitting (to those I’ve babysat: it’s not you, it’s me!), which is why I rarely make caramelized onions on the stovetop. The process, while rewarding and worthwhile, takes vigilance, patience, and optimism—three virtues I cannot claim on any given weeknight (or, um, any day of the year). What I can do with – All About Eggs! How to Buy Them, Boil Them, Fry Them, Scramble Them, and Bake With Them

Eggs are an ingredient with superpowers: They’re versatile, adaptable, and transformative, all contained in little packages. But how much do you really know about that carton in your fridge?  Did you know, for example, that the hue of the eggshell—white, blue, green, or, the most common, brown—is determined by the breed of hen it came – How to Whip Egg Whites Like Some Sort of Magician

It’s magic, really. When whisked vigorously, the proteins in egg whites denature and form new bonds, creating a tight network where air is trapped. These bubbles bring lift and lightness to mousses, sponge cakes, and meringues.  But it’s not all fancy desserts: Whipped whites offer height to pancakes and waffles and can turn a regular – Tips for Easy-Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs

Why can’t all hard-boiled eggs be easy-peel hard-boiled eggs? For a food that seems so simple to make (eggs + water), boiled eggs can be utterly infuriating—especially when it comes to the peeling. You’ve been there: All that’s standing between you and egg korma (or egg salad) is a bunch of just-boiled eggs and yet – Make Creamy Scrambled Eggs With This One Simple Trick

If I asked you, “When do you add salt to your scrambled eggs?” you might not even know the answer. Do you add it when you whisk the eggs, when they’re in the pan, or when they’re on the plate and your bread has sprung up from the toaster? Maybe it’s so instinctual that you – Egg Carton Labels, From Free Range to Pasture-Raised to Omega-3 Enriched, and How to Understand Them

If you think the periodic table is confusing, take a look at the egg carton labels of your local grocery store. So many words! So many symbols! And why are some cartons $2 a dozen and others $8?  If you’re seeking the best choice in terms of hen welfare and environmental sustainability, look for eggs

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