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photograph of bowl of soup with text overlay "what to cook in September" – 30 Recipes to Make in September

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy. A collection of 30 seasonal, delicious recipes to cook in September! September is my favorite month for delicious seasonal sweet and savory recipes. I think it is the best time of the year at the farmers’ markets where you can find summer produce and – 64 Italian Dishes For When You Want Pasta and So Much More

If you came here for pasta recipes, you’re in luck: This list of our favorite Italian dishes is full of noodle-based comfort. Think rich and cheesy cacio e pepe, bright spaghetti with pesto, and dinner-party ready lasagna bolognese—crowd-pleasers that are perfect for just about any occasion. But this collection of Italian dishes goes way beyond

Bon Appétit – I’m Done Being Ashamed of My Electric Wine Opener

This is Highly Recommend, a column dedicated to what people in the food industry are obsessed with eating, drinking, and buying right now. You’re probably familiar with the wine bottle up-sell at restaurants—the uncomfortable dance that occurs when you and your date each order a glass of wine and the server tries to convince you

Coq au Vin in a pot, ready to be served – Coq au Vin | RecipeTin Eats

Coq au Vin is the well-known French chicken stew where pieces of meat are braised in a luscious, glossy red wine sauce with bacon, mushroom and onions. Like Beef Bourguignon, the beauty of this dish lies in its simplicity. There are remarkably few ingredients and it’s a simple process with results fit for a king – How to Pick Tomatoes That Are Ripe and Ready

When a tomato is good, it’s good—so it’s no wonder that passionate cooks wax poetic about these vibrant late-summer beauties. But when you pick up a dud that turns out mealy, mushy, and bland, it can put you off tomatoes for a while. Until someone invents a Good Tomato/Bad Tomato app (please, no), you’ll have – Chocolate and Cherry Fondants recipe

This competition is now closed 1 hour + cooling + freezing serves 6 Easy Dark chocolate and sweet cherry jam come together in this rich dessert that can be made ahead and cooked from frozen. Serve with whipped cream for extra indulgence By Anna Glover Published: August 31, 2021 at 2:08 pm Source link – Couscous-crusted chicken tenders

<img src=";resize=620,413" srcset=";resize=2400,1598 2400w,;resize=1920,1278 1920w,;resize=1440,959 1440w,;resize=1200,799 1200w,;resize=960,639 960w,;resize=720,479 720w,;resize=576,383 576w,;resize=360,239 360w,;resize=180,119 180w, " sizes="(max-width: 620px) 100vw, 620px" width="620" height="413" class="wp-image-145789 alignnone size-landscape_thumbnail" alt="A grey bowl filled with fried chicken strips with a red barbecue sauce on the side" title="Couscous-crusted chicken tenders" /> <body><p><em>Try these crispy chicken pieces, – Avocado Ceviche Recipe – olivemagazine

This competition is now closed 35 minutes + marinating serves 2 Easy Jícama is a native Mexican plant, with a nutty, sweet flesh. Here, it’s topped with creamy avocado ceviche, bursting with aromatic herbs and sharp red onion. This recipe comes from Soho’s El Pastor restaurant By Marvin Jones Published: August 31, 2021 at 2:02 – The 10 Most Popular Recipes of August 2021

The data is in and we’re a bit puzzled, to be honest: It seems comfort food season started WAY early this year. While we wait for anything less than boiling temps and humid days, our most popular recipes are snugglier than we ever saw coming. Throughout August, we all warmed our souls with hot bowls – Sweetcorn With Lime and Miso Butter Recipe

Try Rosie Birkett’s recipe for corn on the cob with lime and miso butter, then check out our Tex-Mex sweetcorn salad, Mexican elotes, sweetcorn fritters and more sweetcorn recipes. Rosie says: “September is harvest time, or so it should be. But the truth is, things in our new garden have been much tougher than we’d

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