Day: July 9, 2021 – Cheese Chili Vada Pav

Cheese Chili Vada Pav will blow your mind with its impeccable taste. It’s spicy and cheesy at the same time. You get to experience a fusion of two flavours. So, if you’re fond of Vada Pav, then you should definitely try this masterpiece. Usually, Vada Pav has a potato vada inside it but in Cheese – Broccoli Paneer Recipe: How to Make Broccoli Paneer Recipe

This is a flavourful vegetarian recipe that is easy to make and can be served as appetisers or snacks. Paneer is almost loved by everybody and we come up with all sorts of recipes for it and this paneer recipe is also a must-try. You can either blanch the broccoli at that particular time when – Tutti Frutti Ice Cream Recipe: How to Make Tutti Frutti Ice Cream Recipe

Tutti Frutti is a very classic flavour in the ice cream carte. It’s super creamy and filled with chunks of tutti frutti. Having a tutti frutti ice cream feels like having candy in a frozen and creamy form. You can make this delicious ice cream at your home using basic ingredients. All you require is – Hummus Toast Recipe: How to Make Hummus Toast Recipe

Hummus Toast is a quick and healthy breakfast recipe, snack recipe or appetiser recipe. The great thing about this recipe is that you can add your favourite toppings along with hummus on the toast. Some of the toppings which you can use are avocados, cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese, herbs, spinach, sesame seeds, salmon, chicken and eggs. – At This Kaleidoscopic Shop in the Hamptons, Summer Last All Year

Tanya Willock and Temidra Willock-Morsch have known they wanted to run their own store together since kindergarten. As kids they didn’t just dabble in lemonade stands; they ran a full-on sidewalk bakery selling homemade cupcakes and cookies. They started tie-dying at age three, learned how to knit and weave from their grandmother as teenagers, and – Shahi Phirni Recipe: How to Make Shahi Phirni Recipe

Your Phirni is back but this time it’s thicker in consistency and has a royal touch to it. Shahi Phirni is an Indian rice pudding that is a part of North Indian festivities. It’s prepared by cooking rice and milk together for a while and then the extra flavors like kewra essence and cardamom powder – Nutella Chocolate Cookies Recipe: How to Make Nutella Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Step 2 Make the cookie dough In a bowl, add butter and sugar. Beat until you get a smooth mixture. Then add vanilla extract and egg. Beat again. Make sure the mixture is smooth. Now, add baking soda, cornflour, cocoa powder, and all-purpose flour. Stir to combine well. Form a cookie dough. Add milk if – Soya Chaap Masala

Soya Chaap is the go-to dish for vegetarians because it has the same texture as meat and tastes amazing. This Soya Chaap Masala is a gravy dish made from soya chaap chopped and cooked in a spicy masala. It has whole spices which will bring more aroma to the dish. It’s an exclusive Kashmiri-style recipe, – Masala Chips Recipe: How to Make Masala Chips Recipe

Masala Chips is a new invention that will blow your mind. It looks exactly like french fries but it’s actually potato chips shaped like fries, tossed in your favorite spices. It has a desi chatpata taste to it. A perfect dish for your movie nights or your evening snack. The preparation is pretty easy so – @thesussmans’ Restaurant Memes Say What No One Else Is Saying About the Hospitality Industry

I’ve been watching the new Hemingway doc, and at one point, an eloquent old academic says something like: In his fiction, Hemingway told more truth about the world than in his journalism. …And I’m feeling the same way about @thesussmans, an Instagram meme account about the restaurant industry. It belongs to brothers and chefs Max

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