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Piece of Earthquake Cake on White Plate – Earthquake Cake | i am baker

This gooey, rich, delicious Earthquake Cake is full of chocolate, pecan, and coconuts and is an explosion of flavor in every bite! Try my Pumpkin Earthquake Cake for a cake with pumpkin and chocolate overload! Earthquake Cake I love a cake that’s instructions are: throw in everything but the kitchen sink. This Earthquake Cake is – Immunity-boosting Rasam Recipe: How to Make Immunity-boosting Rasam Recipe

Rasam is quite popular in Southern India and is normally considered as an appetizer. It is advised to be consumed while you are having symptoms of fever, cold, cough or body pain. This preparation has antioxidants which can prevent free radicle activities in our body. This Immunity-boosting Rasam recipe is a bit different from the – Mango Twister Recipe: How to Make Mango Twister Recipe

An amazing drink that has all the flavours that you can imagine and refresh your mind in an instant, Mango Twister is your go to drink in any party. If you are are a teetotaler, then you must try this mocktail recipe. With a hint of lemon, red chilli powder and sugar, this mocktail recipe – Salted Caramel Pumpkin Latte Recipe: How to Make Salted Caramel Pumpkin Latte Recipe

Craving for an exotic drink, then try this delicious Salted Caramel Pumpkin latte recipe at home by following some simple steps given below… This Autumn take your love for latte to the next level with this delicious yet exotic recipe. Just follow the below given steps and nail this exotic drink. Adding pumpkin and caramel – Homemade Ravioli with Spinach and Ricotta

 If you are looking for an easy-to-follow recipe to learn the art of making stuffed pasta,  you’ve come to the right place Last week I posted a video recipe on how to make basic homemade pasta on my Instagram account. Make sure to follow here to see! Today I’m using that recipe to prepare handmade ravioli – These 28 Leftover Turkey Recipes Are the Best Part of Thanksgiving

It’s worth cooking a whole bird on Thanksgiving just to make use of these leftover turkey recipes. Cooked turkey is super versatile and lasts for at least a few days in the fridge (or up to two months in the freezer!). Which is plenty of time to tuck into this towering sandwich stuffed with bacon, – Dulce de Leche Pecan Pie

Dulce de Leche Pecan Pie is a dulce de leche cheesecake layered with toasted pecans and a pecan pie filling, all topped and baked with more pecans. If you love pecans, try my Pecan Pie Recipe for another delicious dessert. What is Dulce de Leche? Dulce de leche is added to the cheesecake in this – 7 Anxiety Tips to Ease the Stress of Election Season

Below, members of Fit for Us share specific practices they’re using to navigate this election with wellness in mind. Introduce them into your own life, now and beyond the election. Courtesy of Mary Pryor Try a CBD tincture. “People are just confounded by everything, from what’s happening in federal courts to voter suppression to these – Spooky Energy Bite Bats Recipe: How to Make Spooky Energy Bite Bats Recipe

Step 1 Powder the dry fruits along with oats and dark chocolate chips To prepare the energy bites, prepare a baking sheet with wax paper. In a food processor, combine 1 cup walnut halves, raisins, dark chocolate chips, oats and salt. Pulse until the mixture forms into a thick, but still chunky paste (1-2 minutes), – Kaju Katli with Milk Powder Recipe: How to Make Kaju Katli with Milk Powder Recipe

Be it any occasion of festival, Kaju katli never fails to impress and is an amazing treat that you can enjoy with your loved ones. However, this Kaju Katli is a bit different and is made with milk powder. Its a traditional mithai that can be made without which any occasion feels incomplete. This Kaju

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