Month: August 2019 – Air Fried Vegetarian Tofu Egg Rolls

Ready to try these hot, crunchy and wholesome, air-fried vegetarian egg rolls with tofu?!? I’m so excited to share this post today, because I’ve got something very special for you. Anyone would like to take a guess?!? Here are some hints.It’s something new (NOT an Italian recipe for a change). It’s something scrumptious (I hope – Cooking with Manuela: Ricotta and Berry Tart

Brighten up your day with this amazing tart made with sun-kissed ripe berries, delicate and rich ricotta cheese, over a buttery and crumbly crust I was walking past a bakery the other day, and there it was. A big fat slice of the most luscious-looking berry tart.  And it got my attention, with its sweet berries on – Cooking with Manuela: Peach Crumble Bars

For a quick, easy and  mouthwatering summer treat try this fruity and buttery peach crumble bars There is nothing like a bite of a delicious fruit-filled dessert when peaches are in season. Especially when they are as juicy and tasty as this summer. I simply love the natural sweetness of the ripe peaches squooshed between two – Dawn’s Recipes: Outstanding in the Field

My husband and I were in Door County last weekend celebrating our 34th anniversary. We try to get to Door County at least once in the summer and we always stay at our favorite bed and breakfast, Double S Lodge.  Check out my blog post 4 years ago and you’ll see why we don’t ever stay – Traditional Italian Eggplant alla Parmigiana

Looking for something delicious, vegetarian, wholesome and oh-so Italian to cook?!? You’ve come to the right place If you are you looking for a vegetarian dish that is quick enough to make and feed your family in the next hour, healthy enough that it provides a wholesome and balanced meal, and delicious enough that your kids are not – Cooking with Manuela: Sweet Almond Ravioli

Something good is about to happen… Hello beautiful! I had a hard time giving you a name. Can I call you a powdery sugar-covered, almond-stuffed cookie? Or a pillow-looking, sweet and nutty hand pie?!? Or how about … picture-perfect crazy-delicious sweet almond raviolo?!?Cause that’s just what you are: Two layers of crumbly and buttery sugar dough,

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