Month: June 2015 – Fattoush salad with grilled halloumi

Fattoush,this traditional Lebanese salad, is a combination of fresh veggies, flavorful herbs and generally toasted pita bread. This is my all-time favorite salad, it is so fresh, and the use of sumac which has a slightly lemony flavor, bump this salad up to something so good you’ll want to make over and over. Sumac is – Crispy Fried Goat Cheese Salad

  A few weeks ago I went to the Schoolhouse Cafe in Paoli, Wisconsin with a couple friends for lunch.  Paoli is a tiny little town with a few shops and this wonderful cafe.  The schoolhouse was built in 1854 and became a cafe in 2008.  I’ve been there a few times and each time I’ve really

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