Month: April 2014 – Dawn’s Recipes: Poached Egg

My husband Kevin’s favorite breakfast is Eggs Benedict.  I never make it at home because I don’t like making poached eggs because they never turn out, that is, until I discovered this technique that makes a perfect poached egg, which you’ll see in the video.  Now, I just have to work on perfecting hollandaise sauce. – Dawn’s Recipes: The Tuscan Sun Cookbook

Friends of ours, Greg and Cathy, came for a visit and brought me an amazing cookbook, The Tuscan Sun Cookbook.  They have met the author, Frances Mayes, when they were on vacation in Italy.  Frances Mayes just happens to be the author of the bestseller, Under the Tuscan Sun.  I didn’t read the book but – Dawn’s Recipes: Beet salad

  With all this recipe testing I’ve tried to replace one meal each day with a healthy salad and this salad is so good that it will be on my weekly rotation. Mixed GreensDried Tart CherriesOrange SegmentsBlue Cheese (Hook’s)WalnutsRoasted Beets* Dressing:2 Tablespoons red wine vinegar1 Tablespoons honey1/2 teaspoon dijon mustardJuice of 1/2 orange3 Tablespoons olive oilSalt – Dawn’s Recipes: Salsa

We have been so excited around here as our Wisconsin Badgers are in the Final Four.  Last Saturday’s win against Arizona was the most suspenseful and exciting game I have ever watched.  The game is tonight against Kentucky and we are all hoping for another win.  Hopefully it won’t be as suspenseful because I don’t – Chicken with cheese and pesto

I know I am not keeping my promises and I know some of you are really wondering why I am not blogging anymore… but believe me there’s no more free time. Life is hectic between work, raising a child, meeting up with friends… but I know deep down inside that you all forgive my absence…

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