Month: August 2012 – Dawn’s Recipes: Cantina Laredo-Downtown Chicago

   Cantina Laredo is our favorite Mexican restaurant in downtown Chicago.  The location is 508 North State Street.  The menu is modern Mexican.  The interior is open and modern. Tonight we just wanted a light dinner so we went upstairs to the second floor lounge (open seating) and ordered margaritas and guacamole.  The guacamole is – Sfouf with molasses (Sfouf bi debes)

Carob pods are mainly found in Mediterranean countries. Evergreen carob trees can generally grow wherever citrus or olive trees are grown, meaning a warm, dry climate. The pod’s fruit is technically a legume and commonly used as a chocolate alternative, but it has many applications in the food industry. Carob was first used thousands of – Dawn’s Recipes: Rotisserie Chicken

I got this basic rotisserie chicken recipe from It was delicious but I made two changes.  First change is I don’t cook directly over the flame but turn my middle burner off that lies under the chicken.  This way you are cooking with indirect heat and the flames won’t burn the chicken.     Second – Dawn’s Recipes: Autumn Chopped Salad

Tonight I made this yummy salad I had seen on Pinterest.  The recipe comes from Madison and you can find the recipe here on her blog, Espresso and Cream Blog.  It was chopped full of juicy pears, sweet tart dried cranberries, crunchy pecans, salty bacon, and the tang of feta. The dressing was poppy seed – Dawn’s Recipes: 15th Year Anniversary

–> As many of you know, I’m an Allstar Brand Ambassador for What that means is… I volunteer for a program of AR members along with other members around the US. In a monthly newsletter we are given assignments,  preparing, photographing and reviewing recipes. We also get to test products of site sponsors. I’m – Monk’s Salad (Salatet el Raheb)

This Lebanese mezze is called Batenjan El Raheb which translates into English as the monk’s salad, a dish obviously popular with and derived from the Christian community. It’s a very simple and light salad consisting of eggplants, peppers, onion and tomatoes. It can be thought as a tahini-less baba ghannouj and as a result is

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