Month: May 2012 – Banana Molasses Cake

I am one of those people who loves molasses even more than chocolate, it’s healthy, rich with that little edge of bitterness. In Lebanon, we grew up eating molasses mixed with tahini. We used to wait for that moment when my grandmother used to get a small bowl, pour the molasses then add some tablespoons – Chocolate Biscuit Cake topped with nuts

This chocolate recipe is dedicated to all of you out there looking for a last minute desert.This is a chocolate no-bake cake with broken up tea biscuits mixed in with the bittersweet chocolate, then topped with nuts… divine, don’t you think? Those who love the rich, no-bake chocolate cake, who love chocolate cakes made entirely – Dawn’s Recipes: Favorite Margarita

¬†Happy Cinco De Mayo!These Margaritas are my favorite because the pineapple juice cuts the sour of the lime and sweetens the drink perfectly. If there is any extra just freeze it, it doesn’t freeze solid because of the liquor and it’s ready for you whenever you want a margarita. Even better make up a few

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