Month: June 2010 – Brownie Puddle Tart

Brownies appear in many guises ans shapes; they can be made with nuts or without, swirled with cream cheese, they can be plump and gooey, cakey or fudgy… or just plain chocolate in a million variations. But the most important aspect of a brownie, for anyone who loves brownies, is texture. This brownie tart has – Chicken with 40 garlic cloves

Don’t be alarmed by the copious amount of garlic used in this dish, the garlic cloves when gently sweated in olive oil, morph into sweet nutty morsels with a deceptively mellow flavor. Chicken With 40 Cloves of Garlic is a traditional French bistro dish. There are numerous recipes for this chicken and garlic dish, some – Samkeh harra or spicy fish

You’ll see many different versions of this across the Middle East. I have already posted a recipe about Samkeh harra a while ago, a recipe I took from my mom, and the only recipe I’ve known, because it was the only version my mother made. Today, I’ll post about another version of Samkeh harra, this – Apple and cinnamon cake

Last month was the ‘neighbor’s day’ in France – ‘la fête des voisins’. This fête was founded 10 years ago in order to encourage people to get to know those living nearby and to get them talking to each other. The idea was launched in Paris originally but now it has spread to other cities – Kafta in a tray – kafta bel sanniyeh

This is yet another wonderful dish from the Lebanese cuisine. Weeks ago, I posted the kafta kebabs recipe, today I will introduce you kafta in a tray, known in Lebanon as ‘kafta bel sanniyeh’. The dish consists of kafta patties with rounds of potatoes, onions, and tomatoes baked in a tomato sauce. Slices of green – Sheikh el mehshi – Lebanese stuffed eggplants

Lebanese cuisine is a very healthy cuisine and cooking depends on the freshest ingredients. It’s healthy for its use of legumes (garbanzos and lentils), grains (bulgur and rice), lemon, olive oil, pomegranate, herbs (parsley and mint) and spices (sumac, cinnamon, cumin…) When thinking about Lebanese food, it’s the fresh fruits and vegetables that come to – Apple banana cake

Banana bread is one of my favorite things to eat in the morning with my coffee or tea. It pains me to see those overripe bananas sitting on my kitchen counter, but sometimes, I just buy bananas intentionally for making this bread, just waiting for their skin to become speckled with large brown spots. I – ka’ak – sesame rings

Those bread rings (or Ka’ak) covered with sesame seeds are consumed throughout Lebanon and the Middle East. They’re a staple of the Lebanese pantry; they are usually sold in bags in all the bakeries. In Lebanon, we serve ka’ak especially with tea. I used to have it with a glass of milk when I was

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